FREE Download Advanced iframe Pro Plugin Nulled is the most advanced iframe plugin for WordPress and also available as a standalone version. So why using this iframe plugin? There are many wrappers around but they all only do an include with no interaction with the main page and include the iframe like the original which most of the time leads to a result. You can also embed content directly or show a part of an iframe.

Advanced iFrame Pro WordPress Plugin Changelog

V2022  - New: Advanced iFrame now has out of the box support for embedded 3D models using the p3d 3D viewer. Go to and download a pre-configured plugin where the model does scale already nicely on all devices. Get started for free! If you need more storage or access to the Premium features of, you can get a 50% discount on your first payment with the coupon AIFRAME on checkout.  - New: iframe_height_ratio is now available in the free version! This enables you now to include responsive videos without the pro version. See the demo here:   - New: iframe_height_ratio can now also be defined in a more common way: 16:9. The ratio with : as separator. The old way was the other way around 0.5625. Both settings are still supported. See the demo here:     - New: You can use the title of the iframe for the parent. After the iframe is loaded the title will be updated in the browser. This feature works on the same and the remote domain with the external workaround. The attribute for the shortcode and the external workaround is: is use_iframe_title_for_parent. Working examples can be found as part of this demos 32 and 33  - New: Minimizer is back. Now the new URL is used and also a fall back was implemented which uses now the the not minimized file in case of a problem.  - New: Improved validation of change_iframe_links. if change_iframe_links is empty but other settings are done an error is reported  - New: Improved validation of iframe_content_id and iframe_content_styles. Now also a error is shown when iframe_content_styles is set and iframe_content_id not.     - New: , is now trimmed at the beginning and the end of all attributes. , at the end of jquery selectors make them invalid otherwise.   - Security fix: ai_config_id in the administration was not validated properly on the server. Now the regex only allows a-zA-Z0-9_- as id like it was intended.  - Security fix: The nonce is now also checked for all file creation operations requests where config/css/js files can be generated. Before it was only used when the normal config was saved.   - Fix: The onload setting was not handling quotes properly anymore. They got replaced by ' because of a new general filter and this broke the onload settings because " where required. Now the input accepts " and ' and does convert them to " before usage. It can now also be used in shortcodes with '.   - Fix: When using the loading icon together with less then 100% in % the % where added twice. So 50% where at the end 25% as it was applied to the icons div and the iframe. Now 50% are 50%.    V2021.9  - Fix: The minimizer for ai.js changed the url and therefore minimized files where broken. The minimizer is now disabled until I find a new more reliable one. Please update asap. You administration will not work anymore! Please uninstall and install the new version. Sorry for the inconvenience.    V2021.8  - Fix: Setting hide_content_until_iframe_color was causing a problem in the Gutenberg editor as there some code was rendered into the json response. Now in editor mode this part is rendered later and in normal mode still where it needs to be to work properly. The div which hides the whole page needs to be rendered before the plugin itself because otherwise you first see the page for a small time and then the page is hidden. And this is exatly what the feature should prevent!  - Fix: Version numbers where not updated in 2021.7. It was still showing 2021.6 in the header.    V2021.7  - New: Tested with WordPress 5.8  - Fix: Updating failed: The response is not a valid JSON response. The detection for duplicated ids and the time debug was moved to be rendered later. This fixes the problem with e.g. the Oyxgen builder when included on the admin site and configuration errors are rendered to the Javascript console. Also some plugins together with the gutenberg block editor show a JSON error. They execute the shortcode because of ?? and where triggering this error.     V2021.6  - New: "Iframe redirect url" does support now several urls. So you can allow more than one page to include it. The first url is used if someone does open the page in the iframe without parent.  - Fix: When "change url parameter" is active there was a conflict if you added a 2nd iframe to the page. The needed method was overwritten. Now it is only rendered when needed.  - Fix: When "change url parameter" is active the internal console log sending parameter does now not trigger an url change anymore  - Fix: Empty parameters at "change url parameter" are now removed. So urls look nicer.   - Fix: Uls that contain something like ?s[a][0][b]=test&s[a][0][c]=test2 where not parsed properly inside the replace parameter function. This is now fixed. If such constructs are found the url will not be touched  - Fix: When bbcode style is used [advanced_iframe]your src[/advanced_iframe] wordpress repaces & with & This now replaced again by & internally again. Otherwise the # detection will not work properly.

Advanced iFrame Pro WordPress Plugin Features

  • Hide areas of the parent to give the iframe more space
  • Loading indicator
  • Responsive iframes/ videos
  • Scroll the parent to the top when the iframe is loaded
  • Hide the content until it is fully loaded
  • Add a css and js file to the parent page
  • Security code: You can only insert the shortcode with a valid security code from the administration.
  • Many additional cool features are available the pro version
  • Show only specifiy areas of the iframe
  • Zoom iframe content
  • Show only specific areas of the iframe when the iframe is on a same domain
  • Forward parameters to the iframe Resize the iframe to the content height or width on loading, AJAX or click
  • Modify css styles
  • Lazy load
  • Browser detection
  • Change link targets and show iframes as layer with header/footer
  • Scrolling on ipad and iphone

Download Advanced iFrame Pro WordPress Plugin

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