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We can not download videos directly on the PC or on mobile devices from YouTube on the popular video sharing website. but why? Because all the videos uploaded on YouTube have become a digital property of YouTube according to YouTube’s law and can not be used elsewhere without the sole permission of YouTube. So while there is no offline viewing feature, Google has recently added offline features to the YouTube app for Android and iOS. But we can easily download videos from YouTube directly on PC using other medium or method or method. But the biggest thing is that it is illegal?

Because all YouTube videos are uploaded and stored through Google’s YouTube Act. And the law is currently applicable to download on YouTube:

“You will not download any content unless you see a ‘download’ or similar link by YouTube on the Sercie for that content.”

This means that YouTube will not be able to take any video from official YouTube as long as the download button is being made by itself. But today I have come to Techtunes that all the ways that you can easily download your favorite videos from YouTube to PC. So let’s go straight to the tune with the role of the role and not increasing the word.


Many people depend on these third-party software for downloading online videos and others prefer to use it on other software. Generally, you can copy the URL of the YouTube video that you want to download in these software and download it to the highest quality of the video in MP4 format and keep it on your PC. Below I give a brief overview of some software applicable to YouTube videos.

4K Video Downloader

The 4K video downloader is a YouTube video download app that is being updated every and every time you download it without any hassle and add-ons. And it works the same way as the name, you can download and store videos with different formats and even subtitles. You can also download all the videos you have subscribed to a YouTube channel with just a few clicks. In addition to YouTube, you can download videos from this site, along with several sites including Vimeo, Facebook.

➡Download 4K Video Downloader from this link

Freemake Video Downloader

According to Fremake’s website, this software can take video from more than 10000 sites and 83 million users worldwide. However with the Freemeic Video Downloader you can remove videos for any format from YouTube. The software has the opportunity to simultaneously delete more than one YouTube video. Sometimes this will show you different edits using this software! However, if you just want to take audio from the YouTube video, you have to use another software Freemake YouTube to MP3 Boom.

➡Download the Freemake Video Downloader software from this link.

Gihosoft TubeGet

Another free video gabber program is this TubeBit software. Not only YouTube, the software can download videos from different formats such as HD, SD, 4K and more than 1000 websites. This means that it supports the Netflix site but I did not see it tray by itself. You can try trio. The software also has a built-in mp3 converter and software can strip up 5 videos at the same time.

➡Download the Gihosoft TubeGet software from this link.


Like other free video downloader software, you just have to copy your desired YouTube video link from the browser and add it to the Airy software. The software will recover the rest of the download itself. The software also supports the YouTube playlist. The software allows you to manually specify video quality as well as audio quality during the video download.

Also, the software has a web browser plug-in that connects to all your PC browsers, you can transfer video links to the software directly from the browser with one click. At around US $ 20, this software only supports the video download system from the YouTube site.

➡Visit the Airy Software’s website by clicking on this link.

YTD Video Downloader

This software supports video downloads from more than 50 video hosted sites. In the free version it does not support the same format, but if you purchase premium subscription with the annual fee, you will get more functions, as well as multiple video downloads, download acceleration, add free etc. Only the Android Epipa works on the software and Android and iOS apps.

Click here to visit YTD Video Downloader’s website .


Like the previous software, it also supports almost 50 video hosted sites, from which you can download the videos to your PC with the software. Software supports the YouTube playlist and the software also has the option of downloading a full subscribed channel.

Usually, the software will download video from the highest quality to any video host, but you can set specific quality before downloading. And it can also be easily integrated with Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Edge browsers. You can use the software for free, or the premium version will cost you $ 40.

Click here to visit the YouTubeByClick software webpage .

Any Video Converter

If you can not use any commercially for free, you will have to buy a premium version of about $ 50. In addition to YouTube Facebook Vimeo, besides downloading videos from more than 100 sites, it is also able to download streaming video from Netflix sites as well. And there are some video editing options, including mp3 converter, DVD rip.

Click here to visit any Video Converter software website .

DLNow Video Downloader

Download Video Downloader is another free video downloader software that allows you to download videos from more than 570 websites. And with the help of built-in mp3 converter, you can also take down the audio file directly from youtube video. It also has the advantages of downloading a maximum of resolutions and downloading multiple files at the same time. Yes, the software is absolutely free and there is no ad!

➡Download the DLNow Video Downloader from their official site.

Softorino YouTube Converter

The Softorino YouTube Converter is the last software for our today’s YouTube download. The price of this software is about 20 USD and its unique unique feature is Waltr 2, a product that lets you convert downloaded videos to iPhone or iPad without completely using iTunes! Then you get a video downloader software for $ 20, getting MP3 converator to separate the audio from the video file and the ability to send direct videos to your favorite iOS device! So well!

➡Download Softorino YouTube Converter by clicking on this link.

Online website:

Video Player

This method is useful for those who want to avoid trouble installing software to download videos from YouTube. You can find various websites on the internet with the help of you to make a custom download link for the video from the YouTube video link, and download the desired YouTube video by copying that custom download link to your browser or download manager. Everything you can do without the hassle of installing any type of software! But in this case, you may get some speed in download speed and size quality. Because all links are transmitted through the site, you can not get the speed like YouTube and the normal 2-minute movie trailer’s 1080 resolution video size may be up to 50 MB.

There are many sites like this. But among them, conv and I use more. Although there are many other sites, I will recapture these two sites on today’s tune because there are no type of ads on these two sites, there is no speed limit and simultaneously you can download multiple videos from the site.

One such site on one of these online sites has one rule. But most of the sites will get the same rules. Here you will have to browse Just by changing the URL of the YouTube URL. Just like on a YouTube video link, adding vd number to this part, browsing through, the Youtube video will automatically go under the VDYouTube site. Here you do not have to copy the URL too much. In the same way, by writing magic to, you will go under the cover of site.

If you want to go directly to the YoutubeMonkeyDownloader site, then will only be done by adding the monkey to your favorite YouTube video link at the end of

And if you want to give automatic link to of my favorite site, will be done only by just before the link.

You can also copy the YouTube video link directly to any of the following sites, paste it and start downloading..


To download with VDYouTube.

➡Visit VDYouTube


To download with



YoutubeMonkeyDownloader to download.

➡Visit YoutubeMonkeyDownloader

To download with



To download with CONV.

➡Visit CONV

These are some of my favorite easy-to-use sites, where you can download the link of the link only by copying the YouTube link. I also discuss the collapse of a few more websites:


This is not only YouTube, but you can download videos with this website from almost 28 websites that support video hosting. You can even download songs from SoundCloud! All you need to do is copy your favorite YouTube link in the download box. Then you will be given some video and audio options. You can choose the options you like and start the download. However, to use this site properly, the Java version of the latest version of your PC has to be installed.

Besides the site, there is also a desktop software named “KeepVid Pro” which costs $ 19 / year or $ 29 / lifetime! They also have their Android apps and browser extensions.

➡Visit the KeepVid site by clicking here .


A few years ago, this site was run on the YouTube Downloader site, and for a while, they have changed their site name to this tube Ninja. And the previous site had a fear of malware attack, but to solve it, they started resuming their new name in the new domain. The site supports various video hosted websites, supports languages ​​of different countries, and they also have a different browser. The most convenient feature is to add dl before any YouTube link, if you give it by, you will automatically go to the site of the Tube tube, with your desired YouTube link!

➡To use TubeNinja, go to their site by clicking on this link.

Basically you can use this site to download and download audio files from youtube. By simply pluging a URL, you can download it in some formats of the video, not just the audio. Because of the audio site, the file format will be mp3 by default and you can control the audio file volume before downloading. The site has a separate toolbar that allows you to make this download work easier by adding it to any browser.

➡If you want to visit the site, click this link.

As with previous sites, this cliponwater site allows you to download both video and audio from several video hosting sites including YouTube. You can also determine the start time and time of the video. Firefox, Chrome, Safari Web browsers have its own custom browser extension. However, the copyright material can not be downloaded through this site that features are also here.

➡Visit site by clicking here.

If you are more interested in downloading videos from YouTube, you can test this site. Even though other sites support, this site promotes Facebook. Needless to say that to use this site properly, the flash player of the latest version has to be installed on your PC.

Click here to visit .

Browser Extensions:

Using the browser extension, you can install special Edison on YouTube to download YouTube videos in your favorite browser. Then, while loading the YouTube video, you will get the benefit of downloading videos directly with all these extensions. For this, go to your browser’s add-on option and search for Youtube Video Downloader. Many addons will come in front of you. From here you can test your choice of add another.

On the other hand, if you go to The Chrome Web Store, you will get such extensions run by Google. The first of them will be Video Downloader Professional and you can not download any RTMP protocol video through it. This means that you will not be able to download YouTube videos with the help of Google Chrome. This is free service and you can also use the Video Downloader Ultimate Extension of US $ 10 .

You can also get the Chrome Store vGet and Free Video Downloader and you can download it from any video hosting site, not just youtube.

However, if you install the Download YouTube Chrome Extension from a different place than the Chrome Store, you will not have any problems with downloading YouTube content in Chrome.


It’s a kind of downloader tool that is a free tool and it can be installed as an extension in various browsers, including Opera, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer. After installing it, any YouTube video will be loaded, a separate button called Download will be added and you can easily take down your desired video for different sizes.

Click here to visit FastestTube’s site .

For mobile:


For those who use Android, especially for mobile, you know that from the Play Store you will not get any apps that you can download YouTube videos. Because YouTube is a part of Google and Google will never put YouTube videos to its store. But by separating the apk files separately in another way, you can easily install YouTube videos directly on your Android set.

Turning Youtube Videos Easily On YouTube The most popular apps are TubeMate! It is not only youtube but it allows you to drop videos from any site. Because it is a browser! And if you enter the link here, browse the site and clicking the green download button on the top of the app will give you various options to get the video down. The choice will be selected, the download will start! It is so simple and simple! With the help of tubet, you can delete multiple videos and use mp3 converter. But to get high quality resolution videos, you will need to install an exhaustive software, which will prompt you to install the TubMet in real time. Download the Tubemate software from this link.

You can also try WonTube’s Free YouTube Downloader for Android .

For iOS:

You will not have to suffer like an Android for an iPod or an iPad. Because Google’s and Apple companies are two things in both Google and Apple companies. But there were some apps initially that could download videos directly from YouTube to iOS devices. But those apps are no longer available.

But Apple has compelled all Apple apps to comply with their laws, and YouTube’s laws have been deemed to have been deleted because of the “Downloading from YouTube is prohibited due to its Terms of Service”!

That’s why there are no new apps for iOS that can download YouTube videos. In this case, there are two options for you to jailbreaking your device and install it on some sidedloaded apps and you can download it as it is.

Another method is a free file manager app for iOS, named Documents 5.Now this app has a built-in browser. And you will not be able to delete files from the browser directly in IOS, but with this app browser you can navigate YouTube video by visiting the above mentioned help sites. In this case, I use the site. Although I do not download anything with iOS! If you download it in the document 5 apt’s default download folder you will get your desired YouTube video. But this document 5 Appt will have access to your photos after running for the first time. After download, you can view the downloaded video with other videos on your iOS device. Document 5 Free One Ep. And if you want any paid option then Video Downlaoder Pro For Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive apps can be used in iOS It does not directly download the video on your device, but stores them on the cloud server and from there you can easily download the video.

You can also use AnyTrans for $ 40 an app for desktop . It is an IOS File Manager built-in downloader which supports downloading from more than 900 sites. From here you can download content from sites like YouTube, Facebook, etc, and you can access content on your iOS device without iTunes.

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