AutomateWoo 5.5.12 – Marketing Automation for WooCommerce

FREE Download AutomateWoo Plugin Nulled Convert and retain customers with automated marketing that does the hard work for you. AutomateWoo WordPress Plugin has the tools you need to grow your store and make more money. AutomateWoo Plugin help you grow your store with a fraction of the effort.

AutomateWoo WordPress Plugin Changelog

V5.5.12  * Add - Support for Subscriptions with WooCommerce Payments.  * Fix - variable start date is using the correct value.    V5.5.11  * Fix - Mailer failing sometimes on PHP 8.    v5.5.10  * Add - Order Note Author free text field.    v5.5.9  * Fix - Decode entities/ascii codes in email subjects.  * Fix - Introduce Newsletter block for Checkout block.  * Tweak - WC 6.2 compatibility.    V5.5.8  * Fix - Change `changelog.txt` header format to match woorelease  * Fix - Fix/1073 opt ins emails with apostrophes not imported  * Fix - Replace is_ajax (deprecated in 6.1) with wp_doing_ajax    V5.5.7  * Fix - Update Test config (#1071)  * Tweak - Add WooCommerce 6.0.0 to Travis test matrix (#1077)  * Tweak - Bump "WC tested up to" to version 6.0 (#1079)    V5.5.6  * Add - Filter for custom workflow timing options.    V5.5.5  * Fix - Prevent Order Created action from running too early    V5.5.4  * Fix - Escape html in email preheader.    V5.5.3  * Fix - Prevent adding unnecessary notes to subscription when running edit actions  * Tweak - Use `Features::is_enabled` instead of deprecated `Loader::is_feature_enabled`    V5.5.2  * Fix - Manual workflow runner not loading    V5.5.1  * Fix - Error when using the 'Trigger Order Action' action when WooCommerce Payments is installed  * Fix - Sanitize user tag value when filtering users  * Fix - Issue where some guest orders could be skipped during setup    V5.5.0  * New - Enable abandoned cart features for new block-based checkout  * Fix - Issue where original prices in emails could have strikethroughs on new WooCommerce versions  * Fix - The user profile language setting can now be used to set the plugin's language in WP Admin  * Fix - Check workflow is still active and has conversion tracking enabled before marking an order as a conversion  * Fix - Make "Order - Subscription Payment Retry Count" rule count only failed automatic subscription payment retries    V5.4.2  * Fix - "Subscription - Remove Coupon" action did not remove the discount applied    V5.4.1  * Fix - "Subscription - Update product" action product price field always resulted in a price of zero

AutomateWoo WordPress Plugin Features

  • Follow Up Emails
  • Abandoned Cart
  • Subscriptions Automation
  • Refer A Friend
  • Win Back Inactive Customers
  • Review Rewards
  • Wishlist Marketing
  • Birthday Emails
  • Card Expiry Notifications
  • SMS Notifications
  • Personalized Coupons
  • Automatic VIP

Download AutomateWoo WordPress Plugin

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