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As with the world, especially the PC users of Bangladesh, they only spend cash while buying hardware, but you really do not want to spend money behind the software. That means most people of Bangladesh still can not enjoy the use of genuine software. What is the reason? The reason is that there are thousands of software available in just Rs 40/50 bucks that will bind your conscience to spending 200 rupees in a single software in the country! Antivirus is also not removed in this case. To buy a subscription of premium antivirus, you will have to pay at least 700 pcs per PC! So what’s the alternative?

The option is to download premium antivirus from the net and hack the key code or you can download and use the free antivirus directly from the net if the PC is not a advanced user. And since our country is free for antiviracy, I took you to Techtunes today for the year 2015, the best free news of the coming year for free! Most of them use you.

Using Free Antivirus One thing you should be sure about is that the antivirus that you use, your antivirus is updated regularly! Because the incidence and type of virus are increasing constantly and if your antivirus is delayed over time, it will no longer be useful to protect your PC.

Usually you will not need to use premium antivirus if you are using a PC at home. But working in the office or with a lot of PCs, you must use premium antivirus.

And another thing, if you work with free antivirus, why would you buy premium antivirus by spending money? This is a good question.

If you look at the free antivirus sub-duplicates, it will be very clear to you. To do most free antivirus encryption, you will see that the antivirus can only be used for free in non-commercial use! To use commercially, you have to buy this free antivirus and then use it!

There are also complete securities suites not included in the free antivirus. To use the full functionality of any antivirus you will have to buy the premium version with money.

For free version of Kaspersky AntiVirus you will not get the Powerful System watcher component feature. This feature is an important feature, which can revert any action that is modified by any malware on your PC, and will remove the malware automatically and remove it automatically.

But there is a word here too. If I say the best free antivirus then I personally support Avast AntiVirus. Here is the avast, because the free version offers good service so if you want to buy a paid antivirus, you can buy avast not buy any other antivirus. For example, the free version of Kaspersky is not that good, but those who used the premium version of Kaspersky also know the use of kaspersky fun!

And the last thing I want to say is that before going to a premium antivirus, cross check its features with a free antivirus once. The premium antivirus that you get, ultimately, you do not need to have the ultimate benefits! For example, in the premium antivirus I assume you will get a free online Purchase Track which allows you to securely purchase the products online. It is seen that you do not buy anything online and there is no possibility of buying in the near future! If you buy this feature by money, it will be for you nothing is wastage!

So please see what’s on the Free Antivirus list in 2018:

Keeping these features free and price free, according to the above charts, the best free antivirus for 2018 avast antivirus! AVG antivirus is not less! But Panda Antivirus is at the very end of our chart. However, today’s tune of the first 3 entries of today’s list of the antivirus have been completed.

Avast Free Antivirus!

Logically a free antivirus needs to have basic features properly! Otherwise, it can also be called an invalid antivirus. The avast-free antivirus is ahead of everyone. Avast Free Antivirus offers you all the basic secrets of Avast company’s antivirus, but you will have to buy any premium version of Avast if you want to enjoy the company’s Advanced Bonus Features. However, you can get a free version of a Josy Antivirus engine, network securities scanner, password manager, own secure browser and much more! And for those who use AVG antivirus, news is that last year Avst company has bought the AVG company. But now you do not see these two companies together to find out the antivirus, Because they both have many different users worldwide. Those who have not yet used this excellent antivirus can see it now. Download the antivirusClick this link.

AVG Antivirus Free!

Before the popularity of Avast Antivirus AVG Antivirus was the only favorite antivirus for free antivirus favorites. Needless to say that Windows will get you an antivirus named Windows Defender or Microsoft Secure Essentials in the built-in way. But if the fact that the free antivirus work was done then these third-party antivirus would not have so many users.

And with the new interface for the year 2015, the free version of the AVG Antivirus, good quality malware protection, even the antifiasing protection is not bad. Also the AVG Web TuneUp plun-in feature is not bad, it can be auto install in a variety of web browsers and many great benefits can be offered to you. Those who are not yet using this antivirus can see it now. Download the antivirus by clicking on this link.

BitDefender Antivirus Free Edition!

BitDefender Antivirus is the 3rd place in our Free AntiVirus list today! In the free version of the antivirus you will get many features for securitization protection but you will have to purchase premium version to get its full securitization. Because the free edition of this antivirus has not received any update without the initial yearly name change. Only the latest versions of Windows 10 are available without antivirus.

Antivirus has an easy-to-use drag and drop scan feature where you can drag and drop any file and scan it. So if you want to see this antivirus please download it now and click on this link to download it .

Checkpoint Zone Alarm Free Antivirus!

It’s quite a big antivirus name. Work field is the same! There are two firewalls, the license protection coming from Kaspersky Lab, etc. As already mentioned, the paid antivirus is good but it is not applicable for everyone, just like this is a free antivirus, this Chapoint ZoneAlarm Free AntiVirus.

If you have trusted kaspersky antivirus then you can trust this antivirus safely because these antivirus components are licensed from Kaspersky. When you open the antivirus setup file, it will install the latest upgraded antivirus version on your PC with the help of internet. This antivirus will be great for those who do not have much bandwidth on the Internet, rather than working offline more. Download this antivirus from this link.

Kaspersky Free Antivirus!

There is nothing new about the Casparsky Antivirus here. I have seen the antivirus version of Paid using some big personalities. But you know that there is also free Antivirus of Casparas in addition to the 30-day trial! Earlier, Kaspersky’s only paid version provided better services, but they have also provided a good basic feature of the free version. The Casparski Free Antivirus has the company’s malware fighting technology, plus minus frills and various bonus features! Similar to most other free antiviruses, Kaspersky Free AntiVirus allows you to use only non-commercially for free. Download this antivirus from this link. 

Sophos Home!

In antiviracy, some antivirus customers think that the free version has added more to the version, and some companies are more inclined to the premium version considering their business. Sophos Antiviracy has been looking at the business side of the Makerta so far. But recently they released a free antivirus market called Home Security. And they just do not include the basic features, you can now get high level protection like the Fortune 500 Secure Suite, on 10 PCs together. Antivirus has scored very well in various virus scanning reports, Antivirus also showed a great performance in antifaching and suspicious URL blocking. But the weakest aspect of the antivirus is that it can be found only for Windows and Mac operating systems and you have to give UAC confirmation every time you start the user interface. But in other words the antivirus is pretty good. Safeguarding the business grade of Sophos, you will now be able to taste it on your non-functional PC. Download the antivirusFrom this link.

Avira Antivirus!

The antivirus world’s godfather can say that this is the Avira antivirus company. Because since the establishment in 1986, the company has protected us from viruses. But for a while, Avira has released the free antivirus market as others, and it has become popular just like its premium version. Because the antivirus lab scores are quite satisfactory and there are also several other aviary products available to install in the fray. However, the weak aspect of the antivirus is its on-demand scan and the real-time protection feature has slowed down on my PC.

In the free version of antivirus, you will not get web projection, mail projection and game mode because these features have been created for the premium collection of antivirus. Try antivirus today, you can download it from this link.

Comando AntiVirus 10!

Comando Antivirus 10! 10 does not mean that it is a 2010 version! Most antivirus companies change their name in the year. But Comando Antivirus is coming with a simple number of their antiviruses. But now they are Comondo Antivirus 8 directly from Comando AntiVirus 10 they came. Much like Microsoft Windows! Comando Antivirus has powerful malware blocking systems, including automatic sandbox features, including Behavior-based malware detection, excellent virtual desktop and secure browser system. But in the free version you will not get any features such as Web Based Protection, Auto Report Summit, Email Protection etc.

Like Avast Antivirus, you can use free version of Comando AntiVirus free from non-commercially freebies and you will get a premium version of $ 20 a year. Additional premium features include premium optimization, system optimization, device and software setup, troubleshooting, and all premium features.

Download this antivirus from this link.

Pandya Free Antivirus!

Panda Antivirus has shown a very good performance in the USB drive’s securitization, compared to other free antiviruses. And compared to other antivirus, its size is very low and user interface is quite attractive! Panda Antivirus has said beforehand that it is quite appropriate for those who have a lot of USB drive transactions in PCs. Because all other features of the antivirus are not as effective. Malware engines have not been upgraded for several years. Panda Antivirus with just 34 scores in 100 is on our today’s list only for its USB projection.

So those who use extra pendrive on PCs can test this antivirus today. Download this antivirus from this link.

This was tune today! Avast Antivirus is the first of the 100 points of the free antivirus, with 97 points at the first place, the second place is the AVG antivirus with 88 points, and the third place is the BitFinder Antivirus! Do you use any free antivirus? Please share it with us in the tumor box! So stay up today! I will be coming to your favorite englishTechnology Solid Network itprio in the future with another great topic!

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