BkDizayn v3.0 Content Management PHP Script


With this system you can change every place of the site and make your own site.

If you manage the menus as you wish and do not use Reference, Photo Gallery, you can turn them off.

Codes are On. (Open Source)
Can be used in this state, can be improved.
With BkDizayn Content Management System Ver 3.0, you can:

* Site Name (title) – Site Description – Keywords
* Adding Google Analytics Code ~ new
* Contact information
* Logo
* Social networks
* Slide Management (flash)
* Category Reference Management (close page) ~ new
* Category Photo Gallery (close page) ~ new
* Announcements (detail page) ~ new
* Unlimited Menu – Pages (Unlimited Sub Pages with Parent System) ~ new
* Each Page Title Meta Keywords and Description Fields ~ new
* automatic or manual seo url word link to determine ~ new
* Fully Google Compatible Links (seo) ~ new
* Home Management ~ new
* Comprehensive Subsection Footer Management ~ new
* Add GoogleMaps to Contact page ~ new
* Banner Management ~ new
* New and practical admin panel. ~ new
* Open to be developed thanks to its awesome flexible structure.


You can see the previous script from Gökhan Balbal v2.0 Personal Web Site Script.


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