Breakthrough Discover! This process will increase 100 times the speed of the net

Recently scientists have created a new hardware that will provide you high-speed internet all the time. According to researchers, the new technology will truly give super-fast internet services at a lower price. Which will allow users to exchange data at more than 10,000 mega per second per second.

Caesar Arcalines, a US researcher, said that by 2025, more than 100 times faster internet needs to meet the bandwidth requirements. Ultra High-Definition Video, Online Gaming and Internet Off Things (IOT) services, due to the increase in the area of ​​services, will require this fast internet connection.

Archilins of this study also said that the 5-digit commitment to enable new services through smart devices will increase the number of mobile devices in the future. Cambridge University scientists have developed a simple receiver for optical access networks. This receiver will connect with customers with internet service providers. Although this new technology has already been used as a highly sensitive hardware which is also known as a compatible receiver, it is very expensive to connect between countries and cities, especially for the core networks. In this process, there is the advantage of saving the extra cost by using the same optical fiber for both upstream and downstream data.

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