Check out whether Youtube will run on your Java or Symbian phone and how to play it? [With_Full_Shot]

## Many of you have told me that the actual video on Youtube is actually seen in Java and there is no app for it? Actually, Youtube will not run on all Java phones. Your phone needs a special setting. Otherwise, Youtube on your phone will not work. Moreover, direct videos can be seen without Youtube Ep. Yeah it’s really possible. I do not have any problem at watching videos on Youtube on the button phone in 2g.

## After many people have  requested, I have come here with a tutorial on flowers.

## From today I hope you can understand everything and know how to watch videos on Youtube.

So first we will know whether Youtube will actually run on my phone ??

$$ First go to your phone menu…..

$$ Then you click Setting…

$$ Then you go to the Configuration option….

$$ Then you go to Personal Config….

$$ Then you can look like the following.

$$ Then you click on the Option button and click Add….

$$ Then you can see the streaming option….

$$ Everyone can not see streaming options. Only those who have Youtube running on their phones will be able to see this option. So you know that Youtube will actually run on your phone?

How do you watch Youtube videos on Youtube, on the phone?

$$ You just download Opera mini from here toplay YouTube . Then install on your phone and go to the Youtube address…

$$ Select the video that you see now…

$$ Then you click on Watch article…

$$ Click here to create Build In Browser..

$$ Now you just okay as you like..

$$ Then wait a bit. The video is loading..

$$ Then..

$$ Oh! Yes .. the video has been played.

## Stay tuned to Youtube now you think.Hopefully you will not have any problems watching the video.

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