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The ICC announced the schedule for the 2019 World Cup. The 12th World Cup will be held in England and Wales this time. The tournament will be hosted by the England vs South Africa match on May 30 next year.

The World Cup will be played on 14th July at the Lord’s final. The fifth World Cup final will be held in the field of cricket. [Lords] at

The 46-day tournament will be the biggest tournament in the world. There will be 48 matches, 8 matches in the day-night matches.The matches will be played in 11 venues.

The one-day World Cup is back in 1992. Where round each team will face each other once in the round robin league system. The 10 teams will take part. The best four teams will get the semi-finals tickets. Semi-finals and the final will be in the reserve day 

☞☞ Take a look at the entire schedule of the World Cup:

1st match on
30 May England vs South Africa [Oval]

Match 2:
West Indies vs Pakistan May 31 [Nottingham]

Match 3 on
1 June New Zealand vs Sri Lanka [Cardiff]

4th match on
1 June, Australia vs Afghanistan (D / R) [Bristol]

5th Match Match
2 June Bangladesh vs South Africa [Oval]

6: England vs Pakistan [Nottingham]

7th match match
on June 4 Sri Lanka vs Afghanistan [Cardiff]

8th Match Match
5 June Bangladesh vs New Zealand (The / Ra) [Oval]

9th match match on
5th June, India vs South Africa [Southampton]

10th match match on
6th June Australia vs West Indies [Nottingham]

11th Match Match
7 June Pakistan vs Sri Lanka [Bristol]

Match 12:
Bangladesh vs England [Cardiff]

13th match match on
8 June New Zealand vs Afghanistan (da / ra) [Townton]

14th match match on
9th June, India vs Australia [Oval]

15th match match
on June 10 South Africa vs West Indies [Southampton]

16th match on
11 June Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka [Bristol]

Match 17:
Australia vs Pakistan [Townton]

18th match match on
13th June, India vs New Zealand [Nottingham]

19 Numbers game
June 14: England vs West Indies [Southampton]

20th match
on June 15 South Africa vs Afghanistan (D / R) [Cardiff]

Match 21 on 21
June Australia vs Sri Lanka [Oval]

Match number 22
on June 16, India vs Pakistan [Manchester]

Match 23
on June 17 Bangladesh vs West Indies [Townton]

Match 24 on
18 June England vs Afghanistan [Manchester]

25 on New Zealand on 19 June New Zealand vs South Africa [Birmingham]

Match 26
on June 20 Bangladesh vs Australia [Nottingham]

Match 27 on
21 June England vs Sri Lanka [Leeds]

Match 28
on June 22 India vs Afghanistan [Southampton]

on 29 June 22 West Indies vs New Zealand (D / R) [Manchester]

30th match Match
23 vs Pakistan vs South Africa [Lords]

Match No. 31
on June 24 Bangladesh vs Afghanistan [Southampton]

32nd match match on
25 June England vs Australia [Lords]

33th match match on
26th June, Pakistan vs New Zealand [Birmingham]

34th match match on
27th June, India vs West Indies [Manchester]

35th match
on June 28 Sri Lanka vs South Africa [Chester-le-Street]

36th match match on
29th June New Zealand vs Australia (D / Rh) [Lord’s]

Numbers 37 matches
9 June, Pakistan vs Afghanistan [Leeds]

dotch number 38

on June 30, India vs England [Birmingham]

Match number 39
on July 1, Sri Lanka vs West Indies [Chester-le-Street]

40th Match Match
2 July Bangladesh vs India [Birmingham]

41st Match Match
3 July England vs New Zealand [Chester-Lee-Streets]

4 Numbers Match
4 vs West Indies on Afghanistan [at Leeds]

43th Match Match
5 July Bangladesh vs Pakistan (The / Ra) [Lords]

44th Match Match
6 July Australia vs South Africa (D / R) [Manchester]

45th match match
on July 6 India vs Sri Lanka [Leeds]

46th Match of the first semifinal on
9th July
(1 vs 4) [Manchester]
10th July
Reserve Day

47th Match Match
11 July
Second Semifinals (2 vs 3) [Birmingham]
July 12
Reserve Day

48th Match
14th July ♡♡ Final ♥♥ [Lord’s]
15th July
Reserve Day

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