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jQuery Store Locator
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jQuery Store Locator
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jQuery Store Locator

Simple jQuery Plugin to show your stores on Google Maps.

  • load your data from a json file.
  • list and a detail site, fully customizable with jQuery template.
  • ability to set custom icon or for categories
  • ability to detect users location or by type his location
  • ability to use markercluster
  • customizable filter navigation
  • get a google maps panorama view for detail site
  • ability to use a route planner
  • simple search filter for list
  • customizable google map style

Installation Problems?

If you have problems to get it work, please send a message and don’t spam the comments, just because not all files have been included!


If you’re using Geolocation, you need HTTPS



  • add: now available to use json object and a link
  • fix: when using layout left side, the direction panel should now switch position correctly
  • improved: responsive click on marker now scrolls down to list, before you had to call it yourself in the listUpdate function


  • add: kml support for one or more files
  • fix: small bugfixes


  • fix: listUpdate called twice while zoom
  • add: listOptions sortByDistance: (true or false) and distanceType: (‘km’ or ‘miles’), from center of map

You can show distance in your template ${distance}


  • add: defaultLocation, you can set default lat lng which works with default mapOptions: zoom
  • remove: panBy, it’s no longer needed since you can set default location as center


  • add: panBy function, change map center by



  • add: height setting, if null, map would be full height
  • add: notification if geoLocation is used without HTTPS


  • small bugfix
  • add: categories filter by multiple not only by one
  • change: autocomplete search, can search now for international addresses not only for limited countries
  • add: error message popup

jQuery Store Locator
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jQuery Store Locator
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