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OXOO – Android Live TV & Movie Portal App with Subscription System
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OXOO – Android Live TV & Movie Portal App with Subscription System
Codecanyon Android App Template for free


OXOO – Android Live TV & Movie Portal App with Subscription System

OXOO V1.3 Released

OXOO– Android Live TV & Movie portal App

OXOO is an amazing android live TV & movie portal application.Which included PHP admin dashboard script. You will able to maintain all of your changes easily by use this dashboard. It’s will give the best experience in entertainment as an author of IPTV or Movie application/site owner. It’s a smart application with an easy tools setting. You and your client can watch movie and live TV on Android devices without any hassle.OXOO is not only an application but also a supper application with a super UI/UX too. You can manage your TV channel using by PHP Dashboard & it’s another special & smart option for user because it’s not only Dashboard OXOO included android source code too. It’s also a plug-in of “OVOO – Live TV & Movie Portal CMS with Unlimited TV-Series” you can easily integrate this application with OVOO PHP Script. Please find ovoo script here:

To observe of ISP needed we have made OXOO use as a multipurpose entertainment App. This application was built with advanced modules and many more powerful features for a complete entertainment app management. Furthermore, it also supports Admob Ads, Onesignal Notification that help to earn money & interact with the client with new content. Admin Dashboard developed with highly customizable PHP based (CodeIgniter) application Framework.

Powerfull Admin Dashboard Source Code Included

You can also easily integrate this app with OVOO

For any help, please send email to [email protected]

Download APK:

Admin Login


 Username: [email protected] Password: 123456 

Core Features

  • Live TV
  • Movie
  • Series

Highlighted Features

  • Share Movie,Series, Live TV.
  • Subscription with Trail Option.
  • PaypaL & Stripe Payment Gateway.
  • Custom Price Plan & Validity.
  • Free & Paid Content Features.
  • Billing Functionality.
  • Easy Documentation & Video.
  • Mp4, WebM, wmv, MKV*, HLS, RTMP & Subtitle support.
  • Powerful OpenSource Video Player.

Payment Gateway(Online)

  • Paypal [Express Checkout]
  • Stripe

Payment Gateway(Offline)

  • Cash
  • Bank Deposit
  • And all other local payment

Supported Ads Network

  • Google AdMob
  • Facebook Audience Network
  • StartApp

Admin Features

  • Movie scrapper Simple type movie name to get all information from online
  • Auto Import movie from TMDb easily..
  • Upload Video from your device to local server and share it.
  • Fetch Stars Easily fetch actor/director/writter image and info from tmdb.
  • Seasons & Episodes Create unlimited Seasons & Episodes for TV-series.
  • Multiple Video Source for single movie/episodes
  • amazing UI/UX
  • hls/m3u8 support.
  • mp4 from url support.
  • webm from url support.
  • m3u8 from url support.
  • movie/tv-series search on admin dashboard.
  • All embed video supported
  • User Login,Registration
  • Genere wish movie Management
  • Country wish movie Mangement
  • Multi User Based System
  • Smart User Management System for Admin
  • Informative Administrator Dashboard

User Experience

  • Home Slider
  • Image/Movie Slider
  • Admob Baner Ad
  • Admob Interstitial Ad
  • onesignal Notification
  • Eye Catching Design.
  • Responsive Layout
  • Cloud Based Application
  • Cost Efficient Application
  • Secured Database
  • Secured API With API Key
  • PHP Based CodeIgniter(MVC) Application Panel
  • Full-rest API Based Architecture

Supported file format for live TV

  • HLS/M3U8
  • RTMP

Supported file format for Move & TV-Series

  • MP4
  • WEBM
  • Amazone S3
  • Vimeo
  • HLS/M3U8

What you get?

  • Full Android Source Code
  • Full Admin Panel Source Code
  • Source Code for Integration with OVOO
  • Android Project Documentation Access
  • Admin Panel Documentation Access

Server Requirement

  • PHP >= 5.6
  • Appace/NGINX rewrite_module
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • CURL PHP Extension
  • Fileinfo PHP Extension

Source & Credit

Source & Credit are mentioned on documentation.


Please don't purchase this script for porn/adult content.We don't provide any support for any adult/porn site

Change Log

21 October 2021 V1.3.7

1. Admob issue fixes,  2. OneSignal issue fixes

08 August 2021 V1.3.6

1. Admob library and code updated,  2. Continue watching issue fixed 3. VPN issue fixed,  4. PayPal issue fixed 5. RTMP support fixed,  6. Exoplayer library updated 7. Player issue fixed 8. DetailsScreen shimmer bug fixed 9. Audience network library updated 10. Player screen crash bug fixed 11. Interstitial ads fixed.  12. Phone auth fixed 13. PayPal issue fixed 14. YouTube support deprecated 15. Package name changing problem fixed. 16. Removed support(Embed, Youtube & Youtube video).  Recommandation Android Studio Arctic Fox | 2020.3.1 or Newer gradle version => 7.0.2 

04 july 2021 V1.3.5

Admob library and code updated. Continue watching issue fixed. VPN issue fixed. PayPal payment issue fixed. RTMP support issue fixed. Exoplayer library & code updated. Player issue fixed. DetailsScreen shimmer bug fixed. Audience network library updated. Firebase library & code updated. 

23 May 2021 V1.3.4

Fixes unzip issues

08 February 2021 V1.3.4

Fixed RippleEffect Issue. Fixed Signed APK builds issue. 

10 December 2020 V1.3.3

Download Spinner show/hidden when no download available(App). Trailer playing bug fixed(App) Season spinner hide/ show when no season available(App). Episode download issue fixed(Admin Panel). Report issue fixed(Admin Panel). Movie request issue fixed(Admin Panel). Fixed few known bugs(App). 

05 December 2020 V1.3.2

TV-Series import issue fixed. Room database issue fixed. Fixed few minor bugs

03 December 2020 V1.3.1

Download progress inside app Continue watching bug fixed TV Series continue watching Live TV server missing bug fixed Program click crash fixed

26 November 2020 V1.3.0

API Security Improved by Native code(C++). APK decompile protection added. VPN restriction added. Episode download option added. Multi Audio support added. Multi video server support added. Native ad added. Offline payment added. TV series Trailer added. TV series report added. Movie trailer option added. Now playing feature added. Continuous playing feature added. Report option added. Movies request option added. Popular star added. Movie by star added. ROOM database implemented on Home Screen.  Login screen updated Settings screen updated SignUp screen updated Profile screen updated Stripe payment Updated  Youtube bug fix Download bug fix Youtube Live Fix 

08 October 2020 V1.2.8

Update => Added WebView in Terms condition dialog. Fix => Facebook Audience Network issue fix . Fix => Stripe issue fix . Fix => Some other Known bug fix. 

10 September 2020 V1.2.7

Movie/Series limit issue fixes(Admin Panel only).

09 September 2020 V1.2.7

Update => Account security update. Update => Profile API changed. Update => Added profile set password option for firebase auth user. Update => Firebase auth policy updated.  Fix => Image uploading bug fixed. Fix => Update profile bug fixed. Fix => Genre mixing bug fixed. Fix => Country mixing bug fixed. 

31 July 2020 V1.2.6

Update => Episode layout changed.

Fix => ChromeCast bug fixes.
Fix => Comment bug fixes.
Fix => Remove ads for paid users.
Fix => Some other minor bugs fixes.

21 June 2020 V1.2.5

Fix => Firebase auth issue fixes.
Fix => Fews minor bug fixes.

18 May 2020 V1.2.4

Fix => Updater issue fixes.
Fix => trail issue fixes.

Note => if you have already updated to v1.2.4 then we recommanded to update again by latest code from codecanyon.

17 May 2020 V1.2.4

New => Razorpay Payment gateway.
New => Paypal enaable/disable function.
New => Stripe enaable/disable function.
New => RTL support.

Fix => Profile update with phone no.
Fix => Account deactivation bug fix.
Fix => StartApp issue fix.
Fix => Remove/delete downloaded file.
Fix => Non subscribers download enable control feature.
Fix => Trial function issue fixes.
Fix => Screen auto rotation fix.
Fix => All others know bug fixes.

08 April 2020 V1.2.3

Update => External player enable/disable feature added.
Update => TVSeries Subtitle support.
Update => Popup notification removed from app.
Update => Summernote added for terms text(admin panel).
Update => User list order changes to Desending(admin panel).

Fix => Facebook login & others auth related issue fixes. Fix => Fullscreen embed video fixes. Fix => App crash issue fixes. Fix => Signup with email fixes(must have configured email before signup/password reset). Fix => Search UI related issue fixes. Fix => Notification crash issue resolved. Fix => App Subtitle related all issue fixes. Fix => Pagination issue fixes(Admin panel). Fix => Terms URL issue fixes. Fix => Fixes all major and minor bugs.

25 March 2020 V1.2.2

file update(application/config/routes.php) - for new installation 

24 March 2020 V1.2.2

Fix => App crash issues fixes. Fix => API complexity resolved.
Fix => In app download issue fixes. Fix => Search issue fixes. Fix => All Known bugs fixes.

19 March 2020 V1.2.1

Fix => v114 support issue Fix => YouTube autoplay configuration Fix => Compile issue fixes
Fix => Some known bugs Update => Minor

UI changes

17 March 2020 V1.2.0

New => Subscription/Membership System with Trail Option. New => PayPal & Stripe Payment Gateway. New => Custom Price Plan & Validity. New => Free & Paid Content Features. New => Full REST API with 2 layered Authentication added. New => In-App Update And Force Update. New => In-App Download feature added. New => Custom Order for (video, season, episode).
New => Volume Slider added(to player).
New => Aspect Ratio Button added(to player).
New => External Player Button added(to player).
New => Advance Search Filter Added.
New => Latest TV channel included with slider.
New => Pagination added for user(Admin panel).
New => User search option added(Admin panel).
New => StartApp Ads Network added. Update => Performance Improvements. Update => API Security Policy Improvements. Update => Some UI. Update => Custom slider click action added. Update => Custom order added on the image slider. Fix => Server CPU Overloading issue Fixes. Fix => Fix Fullscreen Issue. Fix => Memory Leaks Fixes. Fix => Reset Password' UI Overlapping Issues.
Fix => Play/Pause Issue Fixes. Fix => All known Bug Fixes.

31 January 2020 V1.1.4

New => Facebook Audience Network Added. Update => Youtube autoplay enable/disable from config Fix => some known bugs. 

12 January 2020 V1.1.3

Fix=> 404 (.htaccess file included with admin panel). Fix=> API key validation issue. Fix=> some known bugs. Update=> performance improvement. 

27 November 2019 V1.1.2

New => Notification large image added. New => Live TV notification added.  Fixed => Some notification issue. Fixed => Signup issue for Android 5.x. Fixed => Signin issue for Android 5.x. Fixed => Password reset issue for. Fixed => some known issue. 

18 September 2019 V1.1.1

Update => Embed video return inside app.  Fixed => Latest movies issue fixed. Fixed => Navigation configuration issue fixed. Fixed => Program guide configuration issue fixed. Fixed => Genre configuration issue fixed. Fixed => Country configuration issue fixed. Fixed => Mandatory-login configuration issue fixed. Fixed => Few known bug fixed. 

15 September 2019 V1.1.0

New => google chromecast added. New => two navigation drawer style(grid,vertical). New => navigation drawer style switch from control panel. New => tv channels program guide added. New => tv channels program guide enable/disable from control panel. New => full gdpr support. New => account deactivation features added. New => account photo support. New => mandatory login added. New => mandatory login enable/disable from control panel. New => dark mode enable from navigation. New => cast and crew image visible bellow movie/tv series description. New => search result included movie, tv-series and tv channels. New => genre added on home screen. New => show/hide genre from home screen by control panel. New => country added on home screen. New => show/hide country from home screen by control panel. New => episode thumbnail added. New => app sharing option added. New => download option added to player.  Update => UI improvement. Update => movie notification with custom title and message. Update => notification icon. Update => resolution and size added to download option. Update => Player UI updated. Update => Ebed video play by external browser.  Fix => all major and minor bug fixed. Fix => related movie appearing issue fixed. Fix => login, sign-up issue for all devise. Fix => large comments issue fixed. 

09 August 2019 V1.0.7

Fix* release date issue (admin panel) Fix* known bugs 

27 June 2019 V1.0.6

Fix* some known bugs Fix* related movie issue Update* api security policy Update* app performance 

02 June 2019 V1.0.5

Fix* download option for admin panel Fix* android white screen issue(updated from v1.0.2 -> v1.0.3 -> v1.0.4) Update app performance 

28 May 2019 V1.0.4

Update* admob id from admin panel Update* UI/UX Update* app performance Fix* all major & minor bugs incluing app crash issue 

26 May 2019 V1.0.3

New* download option New* fullscreen support for embed video New* subtitle support  New* youtube live support New* light/dark version New* google analytics enabled New* android tv support** Update* admob configaration from admin panel  Update* app performance Update* increase default limit to 15(tv, movie,tv-series) Update* UI/UX Update* exoplayer controls bar Fix* notification issue Fix* slider issue Fix* app crash issue Fix* major admin panel issue Fix* all major & minor bugs 

17 April 2019 V1.0.2

New* Exoplayer integrated New* rtmp support for tv channel New* youtube fullscreen support Update* app performance Update* UX Fix* seasons & episodes visibility Fix* app crash issue Fix* admin panel issue Fix* abnormal activity while unsupported file/URL Fix* all major & minor bugs 

08 April 2019 v101

New* mkv support New* single click updater included(admin panel) Update* increase default limit to 15(tv, movie,tv-series) Update* app performance Fix* autoclose after playback finish Fix* navigation translation issue Fix* few major and minor bugs 

02 April 2019 v100

* initial realeased

OXOO – Android Live TV & Movie Portal App with Subscription System
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OXOO – Android Live TV & Movie Portal App with Subscription System
Free Download Link:

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