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Puffin – Responsive CSS Library
Codecanyon CSS Template with Direct download Link.

Puffin – Responsive CSS Library
Codecanyon CSS Template for free


Puffin – Responsive CSS Library


– The simple and responsive, pure CSS, grid and typography library

Easy as pie

– Great structure and a good naming convention, makes it easier for you to create stunning web pages.

Flexible Layouts

– Create web pages for every device, in a snap! Only your imagination sets the limit of the layouts you create.

Clean and simple

– HTML and CSS how it was meant to be used. No dependencies or jQuery plugins required.


– The CSS is preprocessed with Sass. You can easily modify colors, column count, font sizes etc. if you know sass.

Web fonts

– The standard font can be replaced by any other font by your choice, and still look great!

Responsive Text

– It’s not only the grid that’s responsive. The text also resizes as you scale the browser.

+ Examples and Documentation

You get a bunch of examples and a good documentation.

Puffin – Responsive CSS Library
Author Link:

Puffin – Responsive CSS Library
Free Download Link:

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