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Sorry Photo Frames (iOS App and Swift 5)
Codecanyon iOS Mobile App Template with Direct download Link.

Sorry Photo Frames (iOS App and Swift 5)
Codecanyon iOS Mobile App Template for free


Sorry Photo Frames (iOS App and Swift 5)

Have you done something you regret? Did you say something that upset your girl friend? Do you need to apologize to your boy friend? Here are some ways to say sorry when you’ve made a mistake and are seeking forgiveness.

When not easy to say sorry to your friend then here is a big platform to make it easy. Sorry Photo Frame is a collection of amazing sorry photo frame, In which you can decorate your friend’s photo and share with them it is a great idea. Sometimes people refusing to talk to each other and fail to apologize because of their hesitation but that’s not mean they are rude, in this case this app will be boon and Don’t let the silence destroy your relationship.

Sorry Messages Photo Frame is a simple photograph app that helps you to get your forgiveness more easily. Apology card with word such as “I am Sorry” doesn’t look sincere because there is no image of you attached in the message. You must show your sincere sorry. When you have done something wrong or you have hurt your love one feeling. Saying I am sorry is the right thing to do. But some of us find it hard to do. Relation can easily break and your love one will leave you over the silliest of reasons. No matter what the reason your relation going sour, don’t let a good person of your life walk away. Never let your stupid ego get in the way of apologizing to your friends, relative and love one. Use one of our sorry photo frames so express how sorry you feel. But to send an image or text of how sorry you are and really need your love to say their forgive you, it takes a special kinds of gut to do it. Worry no more because we had customize our apologizing photo frame to ensure your sorry message will be a special one.

-> Templates:
This app provide ready image Templates so user very easy to use.

-> Gallery
User open this phone photo gallery and select his photo.

-> Sticker
This app provide so many sticker so create best story.

-> Filter
This app provide best photo filter.

-> Flip
This app provide flip image any side.

-> Text
This app provide add text. So user can write any thinks his like.

-> Font 

100+ font type provide

-> color
This app provide so many font color.

-> Font Size
This app provide font


App Features: –

1. Lots of great story collections to choose from
2. Add text to the frame with multiple text style and colors
3. Single touch to rotate,flip,delete and resize text

4. Stickers

5. Simply flip(horizontally or vertically) your image

6. Add Border, change it’s color and size

7. Scale, rotate, zoom in/zoom out or drag the photo to fit the frame as needed
8. Easily save, view or delete your decorated photo
9. You can share this decorated photo on social network like Facebook, Gmail etc.
10. Simple & beautiful user interface
11. Add sticker
12. Download Image
13. Delete Image
14. Created image list

App provide:-

Google ad mob. (banner ads and Interstitial Ads)
OneSignal notification
Note:- We set all available free images in this app Application. All are this stickers set in local database, we do not tack responsibility for copy rights this all stickers.

What you get:-

1. Full IOS Source code.

2. Design in png.

3. Documentation.


2. Xcode 11.3 later

3. iPhone os 11.1 later

4) iPhone and iPad support

5) Swift 5 (Development language)

Reskin / Installation:-

1. Upload app in app store

2. Change app icon .

3. Customize Admob.

4. OneSignal account setup for Notification
Above charge Just in $29.

* All design and ITunes developer account provide by the client.

Sorry Photo Frames (iOS App and Swift 5)
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Sorry Photo Frames (iOS App and Swift 5)
Free Download Link:

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