Find out why the smartphone is slow and how to solve it

How are you all ? Surely everyone is good?However, I have been sitting here many days after writing tips. Writing today is a lot slower to use your favorite smart phone. But why not find it? Think of buying fake phone sets? This problem may be due to your phone’s usage error. So know what habits of your daily life are causing your favorite smartphone to become slow.


1. Many do not want to use external memory cards until the memory set of the mobile set is made. This has an impact on mobile performance. As the empty space in the internal or set memory, the mobile set will remain as slow as possible. So, instead of relying on the memory card set, the external memory card should be used from the beginning.


2. Most phone users do not shut down or reboot for long without the need. But for the phone’s cash clearance, the phone should shut down or reboot at least once a week. And if you do this, your phone set will not be slow.


3. We all know that the phone is damaged by the phone set. But after knowing this, many people used to call hands in wet hands because of the busyness. This can cause serious damage to the phone. In particular, the phone’s home button should never allow water to be touched.


4. Be careful before installing any unannounced apps. Try to avoid installing any other app except the Google Play Store.Because the other site’s app may cause the virus attack on your phone. And as soon as the virus enters the phone, it will be severely slow, so your phone will be severely slow.


5. Many of the software that is not allowed to install software, many software or apps forced to try to install on a smartphone. This may cause serious damage to the phone set

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