Forget about Selfi Stick, pick Picboat

Selfie Stick is the old thing now. Now you can use a smart device that is named Pitbot for more advanced work and simultaneous smartphones. This is a motorized smartphone mount system where there is a face tracking system that allows you to easily pick up the next generation of goats. And it will be very useful for youtube users. 
PicBot has built-in facial tracking software and 360-degree auto rotation system. By which it is able to detect your face even in motion. This means that you can capture Selfi or Perfect video through this Piccot run in the running! Not great ?!

Picbot can be able to detect the highest 3 faces simultaneously, so you can take a group selfie with your friends very well. That means Piccot can do all of your own digital photographer. 
And if you are a photographer or have interest in photography then this picbot will be considered as a must-have gazette for you.

And if you put this pixbate on the computer instead of webcam, you can do the webcam job properly with PicBot, while the camera focus will be on your face. 
Picbot Mounts are controlled with PicBot apps, and by installing these apps on your device you will get direct control over the picbot. With its Auto Tracking and Facilitated Tracking feature, you can record beautiful and handsome hands free videos with your smartphone. Do not forget that there is no need for any type of controller to control the picboat. But you can control Manuili Picbot with any Bluetooth controller. The device with mini tripod is currently available in the international market at 99 USD.

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