Google’s new feature for bus-trainers By Sohel

How far is the new feature on Google Maps , and how far … After moving to the destination, many people are sitting in the bus or on the train. How long it takes to reach the destination Keeping in mind the bus and train passengers, Google has introduced special features on the map.

Many people now consider Google Maps as a tool for traveling companions. So, the passengers who live on the bus can not decide how much time it takes to reach the destination, Google will provide push notification for them as a new feature. When the destination starts to come around, Google will tell you through the special notification on Android smartphones.

According to the report, The Verges, a technology website, who travel regularly in public transport and forget about entering a particular destination, the facility will be of great use. It does not have to miss the destination and sit in the bus for long or on the train. Apart from this, there will be unknown places, but they can be assigned to a specific place. Currently, Google Maps sends notification as per instructions of the driver. Push notifications are available when new features are added to the destination from the Google Maps App. Android phone users will use it when using public transport.

To use the feature, go to Google Map from Android Smartphone. You must choose the right way to view the map by looking at the map. To use the new feature, press the path.

The Google Maps feature is not quite new. There are such facilities in the Canada-based app called transit. Every step in that app is named, it can be fixed.

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