Grass paper to save the environment

The dream of ‘paperless’ or paperless living remains a dream. The use of paper everywhere is increasing rather than decreasing. To avoid this damage to the environment, Germany’s inventive innovative method of creating paper with grass. Both of them are using straw as an alternative to wood for the invention of Daganon! The advantage of this is that grass grow faster than in woods in the field. It requires a lot of water, energy and chemicals to produce fiber or fiber from it.
Both of them said, “Shortly before, I thought of making a lot of paperwork, how can I make paper in more sustainable methods using less carbon dioxide? I noticed, because of the increase in the tree, there are many eighteen in the trees. The glycemic name of the ligina is to be separated from the chemical process. On the other hand, all plants that grow on the plane, they have less leaginon. Their fibers can be separated very quickly. As a result, about 6 thousand liters of water per year is saved in the paper area. Dry grass is well fed. According to the requirement its value is fixed. Then the process of making ordinary paper is applied. ”
Both Daganon made a special type of paper with this specially made paper. He also has strong and sturdy cardboard boxes for easy posting and easy to send mail. He said, “We usually use 40 to 50 percent of grass fiber in the materials. The rest is old paper or fresh fiber of wood. At this moment we can produce bigger ones. We think it is possible to use grass fiber up to 70 percent. But it will take more time to prepare. “In the meantime, the box to keep the market bags, fruits and eggs has been made. Both of them have been able to sell their ideas to several large supermarkets companies. 
Which type of grass is suitable for fiber? 
A farm is supplying grass to the city of Colon. Organic food farmer, Georg Holler cubs, who do not eat straw, are sent to paper.
Georg said, “The straw that is produced at the end of the farming season, many times the animals have to get to chew it. We are happy to use that straw paper. This cooperation is a great thing for us to produce grass paper. “Even if the animals do not eat, the hay is carefully selected after drying them in the warehouse. Both Daganone himself examined the quality of the hay. From 12 to 13 percent moisture, the best results are available. This crop has passed the examination. The importance of fibers is important in this case. As long as the grass is in the field, the more fiber is produced and it can be processed as easily. Besides, the wood is usually brought from far away. But grass is available near low cost.
Both of them said, “Our goal is to collect raw materials within 50 kilometers of a large amount. That raw material must be processed near. We are decentralized under this policy of production at the regional level. Want to keep as much distance as possible between the final process of paper making from the field. “The last innovation of both is the coffee cup made with grass paper. After drinking coffee compared to ordinary paper cups, this cup can be completely recycled. His paper that grows in the field!

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