How do you make animated lower thirds easily using Camatasia 9

Hello friends how are you all Hope you all are well on God’s mercy. Today I appeared again with a new tune of yours. The subject is ………… “How do you make Animated Lower Third using Kamatasa 9. How to use the Green Screen and create the Lower Lower Third”

Most of us who are editing YouTube videos via Kamatasan When we were editing our lower third became the victim. In that situation, we used lower third to cut the cemetery.

What we’ll learn in today’s video

1. What is the Green Screen Video?

2. Why Green Screen Video Is Used

3. How to make animated lower thirds easily in Kamatsya 9 using Green Screen Video Lower Third Template.

I hope you will stay with me from the beginning of my video. Inshallah, I will try to convince you.

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