How many GB RAMs are currently sufficient for your PC? See here

Currently 64 GB to 128 GB of RAM is available in the market. But many of us do not know exactly how much RAM is needed for our daily work. So I brought for you today a few comparative reports that you can decide on yourself how much GB RAM your PC needs.

The normal activities of the PC depends mainly on the speed of the RAM. The more RAM you have on your PC, you can run the same program without any lag. And for those who do the graphics, they have to run heavy heavy programs and so the graphics work is done on all PCs, they require a lot more RAM than others. And those who play games will not have to say the new RAM needs.

The current 4 GB of RAM should be on your PC as standard for the current era. Because Windows 10 is going on in the market and you need to have 4GB RAM for this normal operating system. Otherwise, normal activities such as working on Microsoft Word or general operating activities will be seen that you are faced with a lot of slopes.

And on the other hand, the country’s RAM market is very high. Recently, the use of DDR3 RAM in smart mobile devices increased the price of RAM suddenly a lot. In the last year, 4GB ram, which was available between 2200 and 2500, now you need to have at least 4000 dollars budget to take it.

Whether you are a graphics player or an ordinary computer, you do not have 16 gigabytes of RAM on a computer. So in the budget, it is foolish to go now to 32GB or more RAM. Because Windows 10 allows you to perform all normal 4 GB of RAM. For gaming, 8 gb ram will fill many gamer’s taste. And for graphics work, you can take 16 GB of RAM to save time.

So today I will talk about the size of three types of RAM. These are 4 GB, 8 GB and 16 GB. But keep in mind that the RAM in the market is available in some quality. These are divided by DDR. This is done on the motherboard. For example, a DDR4 6GB Ram from a DDR3 8GB Ram can give you a smoother performance because DDR3 to DDR4 has a lot of diameter and they are more expensive.

First of all come on your PC’s configuration. You have to choose your RAM over a long time in your PC configuration, why do not you do that on a PC? For example, if you buy High Tech Core i7 systems, if you have a high-end graphics card and a Spidy SSD drive, then you must go to the minimum 8 GB of RAM. If you put 2GB of RAM in there, then it’s a matter of fact that you set a bus driver on the plane to fly!

Again many times the incident is reversed. For example, you will only work in a Core I3 system and your 6GB of RAM is running normally on all your apps and your system is not slow. In this case, installing additional RAM will not increase your PC’s performance. According to that the ramatuku will remain unused and it will only waste the money.

Application Performance:

If your operating system is Windows 10, and if you have computer or home entertainment system on PC, and you do not load any heavy load on your computer, then your work will be done in 4GB RAM.

As a test, a 4 GB rumored Windows 10 desktop computer introduced several web browsers, open dozens of tabs, launched a different email client, launched Photoshop, Microsoft Word and Excel, and started singing antivirus scans on YouTube. And the system apps are running in the background. After doing so much, it was found that the use of RAM on the system has gone up to 70%. This means that with 4GB of RAM, you can make multitasking on everything other than the heavy game and graphics work on your computer.

If you are using an 8GB of RAM system now, then you will not be able to see any extra permissions. Below are the Adobe Premier CC running on three RAM systems:

See the encoding time of Adobe Premier CC on the image. It does not have much to say about 8GB and 16GB of RAM. Again, with 4GB of RAM, you can do the job of this Adobe Premiere very well. Here a 17 minute video encoded.

View 7 Jeep apps:

When compressing a file with 7 ZIP app, it will use almost all of your system’s RAM. So here you can see that the more RAM you have, the faster you can compress files with 7 ZIP app.

Gaming Performance:

Now come gaming performance. Current era games are quite high quality Standard RAM for gaming is 8 gigabytes. With 8GB of RAM you can do all the rest of your work on gaming and normal in your PC. Again 16 gigabytes of RAM will not be able to use 16 gb of RAM even after multitasking. Why? See below:

After running the GTA 5 game with 65 Google Chrome tab full size in the background, you can see that the game consumes 9 GB of RAM in high graphics and 65 Google Chrome tab using 2.2GB of RAM in the background. So here you see clearly that even after this heavy weight heavy duty, the total RAM use is 9 + 2.2 = 11.12 GB That means you have 4.8 gigabytes of RAM in your 16GB RAM. On the other hand, if you have a high-end graphics card and processor on your PC, you can see that there is no logic in the 16GB ram gaming computer with the same configuration with 8 GB RAM gaming PC.


At the end of today’s tune, it is said that the main thing is that you choose RAM for your work. For example, you get 8 GB RAM laptop from your office, where Webbash and Microsoft Office will do nothing more than work, there will be a waste of 8 GB RAM.

So if your PC has 4GB of RAM then it is enough for this era. If it does not, then it’s important to upgrade your 4GB RAM. On the other hand, if you work in graphics or gaming, then 8 GB is perfect for you. If you do not want to upgrade the RAM for the next 2/3 years, or if you do not have a RAM slot on your motherboard, then you can apply 16GB RAM while you are in budget but in this age you can not use more than 12 GB of RAM, but in the near future, we have 16 GB Ram standard May be done. But to say that the move to 32GB of RAM is the current era and for the next few years, it will be worthless and money waste.

Note that today’s tune is applicable for the home environment. For those who are on advanced computing lines such as those who do research on the vaporal machine or those who wear barges in AI, they want lots of RAM (32GB).

So the last thing is, if you buy a normal PC or have a normal PC, then make sure that your PC has 4GB of RAM. And if you take a gaming pc, then you are enough to get 8 gb of RAM. And if you want to take a high-end PC or upgrade, you can go to 16 GB of RAM.

So today’s tune is finished here. If you like the tune, click on the button button and if there is any feedback please comment on it below.

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