How to Create Invisible Folders [Computer]

How to Create Invisible Folders [Computer]

Many times it is necessary to hides the folder. However, if you hide the folder, nobody can unhide. There are still some rules that do not allow anyone to see this folder. In this tutorial, I will talk about creating invisible folders in Insha Allah.

1. Right click on the mouse and create new folder from new folder.


2. When you create the folder, go to properties and click the change icon.


3. After that many icons will be seen from which click on the invisible icon and click OK.


4. Now putting the cursor on the folder, there is a folder in it.


But the name of the folder can be seen. Rename to make this name invisible. Then, when highlighting the new floder, ALT +0160 will see an unnamed folder. An invisible folder will be created.

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