How to Make Antonia Giant paper flower | April paper flower

Antonia Giant paper flower is use for home decoration. If you want to decor your home for a party you must choice this paper craft. This is very attractive and nice. In any bridal party you can use it for your wall decoration. Making procedure is very easy that you can not think. In the last  post we described about Kusudama Flower instructions. Today I am going to describe how to make antonia giant paper flower. You need to just follow our instruction. lets start.

Things You Need

  1. Color Paper
  2. Pencil
  3. Scissor
  4. Gum

Antonia Giant paper flower Instruction

Step 01
At first we need four pieces of paper to make Antonia Giant paper flower ‘s petal template. Paper size may be 15cm X 7cm, 12cm X 6cm, 10cm X 5cm and 8cm X 4cm respectively. If you want you can use large paper.

Step 02
Draw a shape like below picture on the paper using pencil.

Step 03
Cut the paper using scissor through the mark link.
Antonia Giant paper flower

Step 04
In this step template is ready for four size. Now use this template to make flowers petal. Place the template on the large paper, it may be A4 size paper. Mark on the paper using pencil . Finally cut the paper with scissor. You need to make at least 10 pieces of petal for every shape. That is total number of petal is 40 pieces.

Step 05
Now bent the paper like below picture using pencil or any other round stick.

Step 06
After bending both side shape will be looked like below picture.

Step 07
Attached the two bottom end using glue.

Step 08
Now you need to take another piece of paper, Size may be 30cm X 10 cm.

Step 09
Fold the paper through the middle line.

Step 010
Cut the side of the paper using paper like below.

Step 11 & Step 12
Attach the paper with glue and roll tit as like below.

Step 13
Now take a round paper to join petals of the Antonia Giant paper flower . Different types of petal we indicated here with A, B, C and E.

Making Procedure

Step 14
Attach every A one the round paper with glue as like below.

Step 15
Now attach all B . You can see below picture.

Step 16
Adjoin all C.

Step 17
At the end, join all E and place the cutting shape (rolled) in the middle of the flower.

At the end of the tutorial we can say this  Antonia Giant paper flower is really awesome. We can use it in every ceremony as decorative purpose. If you have any confusion feel free to ask to us. Thank you.

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