How To Make Origami Rabbit | Origami Rabbit Instructions For Kids

Origami Rabbit is the most attractive paper craft for a kids. It looks very beautiful. Also, evey kids like to make it. Origami Rabbit Instructions is very simple. Here I tried to show 6 steps to make it easily. Every steps are divided into four parts. Anyway, In my last article I showed how to make Easy Origami Rose with paper. In this post I made rabbit with colorful paper. It is also home decorative items you can say, because this Origami Rabbit can stand on plane surface. Anyway, I do not want to talk more, see the below instructions. If you feel any confusion please do not forget to make comments. I always appreciate your feedback. So, lets start.

Things You Need
1. Color Paper

How To Make Origami Rabbit

Step 01
Firstly,  you need small squire color paper. Fold the paper from the corner like 2 no picture. Open the paper and fold it again from the another corer. Open it again and then make fold from left side.

Step 02
Secondly, you have to fold it from top side. Open the paper again and fold it as like below 6 and 7 no picture from the both side of the paper. Now, in this step make a fold from the fop side like 8 no picture.

Step 03
Thirdly, after folding both side you will find a shape as like below. That is squire shape at the top part. Reverse the squire part and fold it from the both top corner as like 11 no. Now flip the paper.

Step 04
Fourthly, from the opposite site this will look like below 13 no picture. Fold the paper like 14 and then 15 no picture. In 16 no step fold it vertically.

Step 05
Fifthly, In this steps you will find a tail. Touch the tail and push it to the top. However, fold the paper in the bottom part like 18 and 19 and then 20 no picture.

Step 06
Sixth, open it vertically and flip it, then fold it again. Now in this step you will find a rabbit shape. Fix the every corner for sharpness.

Finally, from my point of view I can say Origami Rabbit is very beautiful and attractive paper craft for kids. Therefore, take a piece of paper and start to make now.

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