If-So Dynamic Content WordPress Plugin Nulled

FREE Download If-So Dynamic Content Plugin Nulled is a simple WordPress plugin, allowing you to add or replace content on your website based on the visitors’ profile or interaction with the site. Your visitors will engage, convert and buy more!

If-So Dynamic Content WordPress Plugin Changelog

V1.5.6.2  * Bug fixes    V1.5.6.1  * Updated jquery-ui version in admin ui to 1.13.1  * Fix geolocation caching in triggers loaded via ajax  * Added option to cache the geolocation data in cookies(as opposed to sessions)  * Bug fixes    V1.5.6  * New condition - Session Variable: create conditional content based on a session variable. The option was added to the cookie condition.  * Compatibility with our Conditional Elementor Elements integration  * Ajax loading - an option to load conditional Gutenberg Blocks using Ajax   * Ajax loading - an option to load conditional Elementor elements using Ajax  * Redirect shortcode: Create 301/302 or JS redirects using a shortcode. Insert the shortcode in the the dynamic version content field to create conditional redirects Learn more</>  * Bugfix: Use WordPress timezone for determining current day in schedule condition (problems occurred on specific scenarios)  * Visit count is now performed only through an ajax request  * Improved IP detection for geolocation functionality  * Gutenberg standalone condition widget - changed the "If-So Active" indicator to be a colored border, to avoid breaking the appearance of some blocks in the editor  * Security improvements  * Bug fixes    V1.5.5.1  * Added shortcode that sets/deletes a cookie value Learn more.  * Cloudflare Compatibility - The geolocation condition works with Cloudflare without having to use our Cloudflare integration  * Divi modules compatibility improvements while loading content with Ajax  * Page Caching Compatibility improvements - the referrer source condition is compatible with the Page Caching Compatibility (ajax) option  * Gutenberg standalone conditions - fix conflict with jetpack contact form  * Gutenberg standalone conditions - fix bug where the block inserter wasn't appearing when hovering between blocks  * Bugfix - Removed calls to dysfunctional updater -  fixed bug which  caused an  "update  available" message  to  be shown  * Bugfix - Audiences - fixed the handling of names with "special characters"    V1.5.5  * The recurrence option was added to the user role condition  * An option to disable the use of sessions was added to the settings (do not disable the sessions if you are using the geolocation condition)  * Audience self-selection shortcode generator was added the audience page  * added  the ability to defer the loading of  if-so triggers   via  ajax  (by adding the parameter defer="true" to the trigger's shortcode)  * Added new option to disable the number of visit count cookie to the settings  * Bugsfix - import triggers  - fixed  newlines being replaced  with "rn"  * bugsfix - TinyMCE ediotr was reverted to HTML mode while dragging a version  * Security fix (Ajax vulnerability)    V1.5.4.2  * Bugfix - TinyMCE is no longer turning image URLs to be relative urls when changing versions order  * TinyMCE - An option to prevent text nodes from being wrapped in

If-So Dynamic Content WordPress Plugin Features

  • Geolocation
  • Google Ads
  • Advertising platforms
  • Device type
  • Logged-in
  • Start and End Date
  • Schedule
  • Page URL
  • UTM parameters
  • Pages visited
  • Browser language
  • Dynamic links
  • Referrer
  • New visitors
  • A/B Testing
  • Returning visitors

Download If-So Dynamic Content WordPress Plugin

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