Internet security or browser protection using Google Chrome!

We do not try to save the computer from virus attacks. Use Anti-Virus to spend money. Buy anti-virus and install it. Many people use it instead of replacing various anti-virus antivirus ‘trial versions’ online. But do you know that using Google Chrome (Google Chrome) can you get ‘Internet Security’ or browser protection free? Let’s learn how to launch malware scanning feature in Google Chrome.

Open Google Chrome Browser. Click on the menu (three points) on the top right of Chrome. Click on ‘Settings’ and select ‘Advance’. You can see the ‘Clean Up Computer’ option at the bottom of the screen. Now click on the ‘Find and remove harmful software’ option (Malware Detecting Tool). Then click on ‘Find’ and Chrome will start malware scanning on your computer. When the scan ends, if something is found then it will give the option to ‘remove’ chrome. If nothing is found, then you will say ‘No harmful software found’

From now on, scan the computer or laptop by typing chrome: // settings / cleanup in the Chrome address bar and press Enter and this scan will start. If this option does not work, please update your computer or laptop chrome.

Collected from: Ajker Prosongo

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