mAd – Advert Rotation Manager v0.5 PHP Script Download

mAd – Advert Rotation Manager v0.5 PHP Script Download

mAd is a web-based program for maintaining a number of adverts on a
website, when you want one image advert on the screen. Every time the page, or
pages, load, mAd will select an ad from the database, and show it along with
it linking to wherever you want it to.

mAd also keeps track of how many times each ad has been shown, and how many
times they’ve been clicked on by your site visitors. These figures are
freely available on a stats page, which you can edit to suit your own site

Version 0.5 improves on advert inclusion by allowing the Webmaster to choose
between the PHP inclusion used in previous versions, or alternatively using
Javascript or inline frame solutions if the display page is not PHP-enabled.
mAd should now work on servers with register_globals disabled, and v0.5 also
includes a fix for a small bug which disabled the statistics page on servers
with short_open_tags disabled.

This automatic installer allows you to either install a new copy of mAd; or
to update an existing installation. If you are updating, the version you are
updating must be 0.4 – if you have an earlier version use the appropriate
install pack(s) to update to 0.4 before using this one.



Learn How to install mAd – Advert Rotation Manager v0.5 PHP Script Download?

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