Notepad++ for Script Editing PHP Script

Notepad ++ for Script Editing PHP Script


Hello friends, you can easily edit your scripts with Notepad ++ program. Being free and open to plugins is one of the biggest advantages of the program. This program, which is constantly updated, supports many script extensions.

It is sufficient to install the normal program for the installation of the program. After installing the script, you can also convert your Notepad ++ program to a top level program by installing the Zen Coding plugin. If you ask what is Zen Coding? With this plugin, you can add shortcuts to notepad ++ program. You can see an example of this in the video below.

Installing Zen Coding Plugin
You will assign the NppScripting.dll file and the NppScripting folder from the rar file you downloaded to the Plugins folder inside the Notepad ++ program. You can watch the video published by Tayfun Erbilen about using the plugin below.


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Learn How to install Notepad++ for Script Editing PHP Script?

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