Once you left the Facebook group, no one else can add you to the group {detail post}

Assalamu Alaikum

How are you all? I hope you are good enough to sit in writing after a long time, and you’ve got to know the title today, the most bad system on Facebook is to add to the group without permission! I have seen it a lot! ☺But I did not find any system! After all the search, I found a system! ¬†That is, once left from the group, the group will not add anyone else!

Now come the words of the work:

To do this, follow the screenshots below: To make
it easy, first enter Facebook and then enter thegroup from which you want to Left, click on the arrow symbol.

Select any group that you want.i choose crush zone

Click there..

..Now click on Leave group, select more options , leave it permanently, now the work is done! Now you can not add anyone to that group !!

B.D: If you want you can add it again to the group itself but nobody else can add

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