Some extinct animals that will soon be revived (part-2)

Friends, many kinds of creatures have been created in this world thousands of years ago.Among them some animals survive adversity, even today, but unfortunately some animals have disappeared from this world. But modern science will quickly bring these extinct animals back to this world. Scientists are experimenting deeply to bring these animals back. With the help of DNA and skin of the animals, they are trying to bring the animals back through genetic engineering. I have done a post with 4 such animals, who have not seen, those can see in this posts, click here, or click here to …. So let’s get acquainted with 4 more creatures who will be revived again.

1. Iris Elk

In the movie Avid, we saw an elk or a huge deer, which had a large horn. Their horns can be up to 4 meters.

The remains of this huge deer were found in the wild. This species is extinct due to this large horn. Scientists will soon bring this species to this world.

2. Dodo

The name of the Dodo was found to be the only Marisas. It was discovered in 1592 and by 1662 it was extinct. This bird had no wings. As a result of continuous hunting, the existence of this bird is removed from the earth..

Trying to bring it back through a project called Durrell.

3. Stellers CE Co

The marine creature of this magnitude was 8 meters tall and its diemeter was 6 meters. It was discovered at the commando island in 1741. Although it became extinct as a result of additional hunting in 1768.

It is possible to re-do it through cloning with DNA obtained from fossils and bone.

4. Woolly Rinoseros

This fossil animal like Mammoth also existed in this world. They existed in the countries of the ice about 10 thousand years ago. They were roaming in the Upstick ice from the Platyusin era.

These are gradually extinction due to natural causes and predominantly prey. Their DNA is completely preserved. It is possible to rejuvenate this species with the help of sporadic rhinoceroses

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