Stock Tracking v2.0 PHP Script

Stock Tracking v2.0 PHP Script


Stock Tracking Script v2.0 is an open source php based stock tracking script that works with mysql. It is a php stock tracking script encoded and distributed by Cihan Karaca. But there are shifts in the script in browsers other than Internet Explorer.

1. Membership system
2. Material registration form, listing, editing
3. Search section in stock
4. Adding staff, empowerment
5. Stock items, non-stock products page
6. Ability to change the number of products in stock
7. Inventory sales and purchase form

1. Create a database and import the stock.sql file in the SQL folder from the database.
2. Open the database.php file and change the database information.
3. Open the file file upload.php in the upload folder, replace the section on line 30 with your own site address and make the images folder chmod 777. If you don’t know how to track CHMOD, File, you can check here.

Management Panel Information:
Username: admin
Password: admin


Zip File Password:


Download File


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