Take a java user to have two great time spent games

Welcome to everyone’s post on my today. I hope everyone is good. I am good to pray for you.

Today’s Topic

Today I have been playing games for two wonderful days for JAVA a lot. Today, you can play the role of the game, but you can still know.

  • Graphics of Games Two are awesome
  • I hope that the size of the two games will be proportional to all Java phones
  • These are fun games.
  • Among its games is a new one which is published in the last ten days. Its an old one


This time to see the skinsight:

Screenshot of the first game


Screenshot of the second game

Now the dawnload’s turn

To download the 1st game, click the link below: 
Click Here For Download

To download the second game, click the link below: 
Click Here For Download

attention Plz

I would like to create a platform for Facebook for Java. And to tell Android users that there is still Java user. 
So, all the java users here win here.


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