The Easiest Way To Find Lost Smartphones

The easiest way to find lost smartphones

You can not remember where your home or office is located. The device may be lying on the bed, under the pillow, beside the sofa or under a heap book or file or with a third person. Under the circumstances, you can search the lost phone using Google’s Phone Tracking Solution, called ‘Find Me Device’. Today’s arrangement with five steps to use this solutionTo use any Android device, you need to use Gmail ID. Do you remember that? However, from a computer enter first. Login there with Gmail ID and password. After completing the login, there will be an option named Find My Device, which will be completed by completing the initial step.

Google’s tracking solution will work when the device location option is turned on. See your mobile brand and model number on the server and Google Map will find it. The information received from the mobile will be displayed on the Google Map through the server. Where possible nearby locations will be shown.

If the lost device is shown in the surrounding area, use the Play Sound option. That means playing the ringtone on the lost device from the computer. Before losing, the handset is silent, but there is no problem, the ringtone will automatically play on the device for up to 5 minutes.

If you are unlikely to find a lost device then measures will be taken to lock the mobile using this solution. That means, the computer can be locked with a password while sitting on the lost handset. If you can recover the device, you can unlock with the same password.

If there is no possibility of retrieving the handset, then the ‘Find My Devices’ option can be used. If the missing data does not fall in the hands of someone else, then you can take action. That means, using the ERASE DATA option of Tracking Solutions, all the information on the device can be deleted on the computer. All data will be deleted as soon as the device is offline, while coming online. There are no other ways to find lost handsets using Google’s system. But if you find another way you can use the same Gmail ID.

Some conditions have to be accepted for these benefits. First of all. Cellphone location features must be on. Secondly. The latest version of the Android phone has to be installed on the Google App. Thirdly. The phone should be on and the internet connection should be on.

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