Those who want to use custom ROMs, you must see this tune

Assalamu Alaikum friends hope everyone is well. On behalf of, today I beg to tune my heartfelt greetings and congratulations. Seeing the title, understand what today’s tune is about. Friends, I will show you how to install custom ROM on Android mobile. If you are not aware of custom ROM, there is a lot of ideas about custom ROMs and many of them do not have any idea about custom ROM, so those who do not have a reason for asking them to read the post …. !!! Custom ROM Keys Before installing ROM, first we need to know what this custom ROM is ?? Answer:


 Custom ROM is coming out in the discussion “ROM”, then this is Ramata. This ROM is our Android phone software that keeps our android mobile active, and does all the work. The word “custom” means the method. Generally we know ” ROM ” = Read Only Memory, which is the internal memory of Android mobile, where the Firmware or apps of the mobile are stored. Custom ROM is the process of creating software that is suitable for our Android phones by customizing ROM or software from any other Android mobile device. There are currently a variety of operating systems or software in Android mobile. The ROM or software can be run on any Android mobile phone and this system’s operating systemIs the custom rom ROM: Android Mobile ROM is usually of two types. (1) Official ROM or stock ROM, (2) Un-official or custom rom. Android mobile companies usually sell phones on the market with their own ” stock rom “. The software that we see after buying the phone is called stock rom. And, to change our phone software, we use custom ROMs on our mobile, so that the software looks different from the software and new features are available in custom ROMs. Because of custom rom, you can taste any other phone.  Benefits of Custom ROM:  

The reason for the use of custom rom is that all the interesting features of custom ROM, and the customization options, which can not be enjoyed in the stock room. !! Many of us would like to use samsung software or rom on my symphony mobile, in this age of current technology, it is possible to use this custom ROM. With the use of custom rom, you will be able to customize all the features and software of your phone, so that you can feel comfortable with your phone. Custom ROM’s Disadvantage: Custom ROM is not properly ported, there are many problems in the ROM, or the functions of the phone do not work properly, this does not work as a bug. operating system

This device is created for each device, and when this operating system does not fit the phone with the custom ROM installed on your phone, then this bug has to face the problem and the phone does not work properly. # Problems with custom ROMs are: – (1) As the battery charge drops too quickly, and sometimes there is more time for charging. (2) Mobile cameras, bluetooth, WiFi, hotspot, flashlight, these functions do not work when installing many custom roms. There is no such problem in many custom ROMs if the operating system can adapt to phone hardware, so choose custom phone according to your phone’s version and all the information on the phone. What are the requirements of custom ROM?

First of all, your Android mobile should be rooted, if you do not have rooted mobile you will not be able to install custom ROM. Now you will need ” CWM ” or ” TWRP ” Recovery (currently both of these custom recoveries are popular or popular), one of them must be flush on your mobile. With these two types of recovery mode you can install custom ROM. 
These two recovery pictures are shown below

cwm recovery

there is a cwm custom recovery [br]


twrp recovery

TWRP Recovery [br] [br]

How to download custom ROM:   It is best to search the model and version of your phone in Google. Or, you can get custom ROMs on your phone from different websites, but the best place is xda-developers. Here you can find your phone’s officially custom rom BULD. Now there are many different phone users and groups on Facebook, there are many custom ROMs available on Facebook, according to your phone model, you can find a custom ROM collection there. 

How to Install Custom ROM:    First, charge your phone full. Now turn off your phoneand hold down thephone’s “ Power Button + Volume Plus ” button until the custom recovery mode comes in to get the Samsung mobile custom recovery “Power Button + Home Button + Volume Plus “button to hold down the custom recovery mode, leave the buttons after the arrival of custom recovery mode. 

(1) Back up your stock ROM first.  
(2) Now click the wipe data factory reset button.  
(3) If you are   using TWRP Recovery, you can  check Dalvic / Art cache from the option option , System , Cache , Data , Internal Storage , Tick ​​Mark all , then swipe up. If you are using CWM then mount storage from the format system yes and thenadvance option to wipe cache dalvik ,, and ,, battery stats WIPE either. 
(4) When all the processes have finished, come back to the main menu.  
(5) Now click on Install button, then select sd card from storage and enter the folder that has the custom ROM you have downloaded, and select the custom ROM. Now click on Installbutton. (6) Wait a few minutes until the install process ends. (7) When the installation process ends, click the reboot option and select the system option. Now your phone will restart.

(8) It takes a lot of time to install a new custom ROM. So do not be afraid to wait for a while. 
(9) If the phone is not from the boot logo or the phone is not on, then open the battery on the phone and restart the mobile. 
(10) If your install process is correct, then your phone will start custom rom and if there is no problem with your custom ROM then there will be no problem with your phone. Or there will be no bugs in the ROM. ‘Welcome to the new custom rom of your phone. 

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