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FREE Download Toolkit for Elementor Plugin Nulled is an build Faster websites in Less Time with All New Performance Tweaks, Site Admin Tools, Brand New Access Manager, Updated Syncer, WooCommerce Optimizations & More.

Toolkit for Elementor Plugin Changelog

v1.4.6  [PERFORMANCE] Booster > Improvements to lazy loading  [OPTIMIZATION] Improvements to GTMetrix API and test request handling  [OPTIMIZATION] General Code Housekeeping & Maintenance  [COMPATIBILITY] Tested up to Elementor v3.5.4.  [COMPATIBILITY] Tested up to Elementor Pro v3.5.2  [COMPATIBILITY] Tested up to Woocommerce 6.1.1  [COMPATIBILITY] Tested up to WordPress v5.9    v1.4.5  [NEW] Booster > Performance Audit > Waterfall tab added!  [NEW] Booster > Performance Audit > 9 new metrics (Browser Timings) added!  [NEW] ToolKit > Future updates can now be released via staged rollouts as needed  [UPDATE] Booster > Performance Audit > No impact audits separated into their own area  [UPDATE] Booster > Script Ninja > General improvements  [PERFORMANCE] Improvements to Defer JS and inline JS handling  [PERFORMANCE] Booster > Improvements to caching framework  [PERFORMANCE] Improvements to media attributes and stylesheet handling  [OPTIMIZATION] Improvements to GTMetrix API v2.0  [OPTIMIZATION] General Code Housekeeping & Maintenance  [COMPATIBILITY] Tested up to Elementor v3.4.7  [COMPATIBILITY] Tested up to Elementor Pro v3.5.1  [COMPATIBILITY] Tested up to Woocommerce 5.9  [COMPATIBILITY] Tested up to WordPress v5.8.2    v1.4.4  [UPDATE] Booster > GTMetrix API updated to v2.0 with new Lighthouse Metrics!  [PERFORMANCE] Lazy Load > CSS Helper Class now works with Native Browser Lazy Load  [PERFORMANCE] Booster > Code Cleaner > Remove jQuery Migrate added  [PERFORMANCE] Font Optimization > Improvements to cached font files handling  [OPTIMIZATION] General Code Housekeeping & Maintenance  [COMPATIBILITY] Tested up to Elementor v3.4.5  [COMPATIBILITY] Tested up to Elementor Pro v3.4.2  [COMPATIBILITY] Tested up to Woocommerce 5.8  [COMPATIBILITY] Tested up to WordPress v5.8.1    v1.4.3  [PERFORMANCE] Booster > Defer Inline JS feature (NEW)!  [PERFORMANCE] CSS helper class to help Lazy Load any image manually (including Elementor background images)  [OPTIMIZATION] General Code Housekeeping & Maintenance  [UPDATE] Script Ninja > Ability to dequeue scripts globally  [BUG FIX] Script Ninja > JS entries labeled as CSS in rare instances  [COMPATIBILITY] Tested up to Elementor 3.4.3  [COMPATIBILITY] Tested up to Elementor Pro 3.4.1  [COMPATIBILITY] Tested up to WooCommerce v5.6    v1.4.2  [PERFORMANCE] Lazy Elements >  Reduce Time to Interactive, TBT and LCP by lazy rendering HTML elements below the fold!  [PERFORMANCE] Auto add missing height if image width is detected  [PERFORMANCE] New Youtube iframe optimization options  [PERFORMANCE] Add Height and Width attributes now also apply to SVG’s  [PERFORMANCE] Featured Images excluded from lazy loading  [PERFORMANCE] When Preload Cache is run, purge existing cache first  [PERFORMANCE] Faster Google Font optimizations and handling via curl_multi_init  [PERFORMANCE] Improved url rewrite process for CDN assets  [PERFORMANCE] General Caching Improvements  [PERFORMANCE] If ToolKit Caching is enabled, auto-purge cache whenever a settings change that impacts cache is detected  [UI UPDATE] Widget Manager > updated success messages to show widget names  [UI UPDATE] Script Ninja > updated success messages to show dequeued script names  [BUG FIX] ToolKit Lazy Load > Fixed division by zero error in certain environments  [COMPATIBILITY] Improved PHP 8 compatibility when optimizing Google Fonts  [COMPATIBILITY] Tested up to Elementor 3.3.1  [COMPATIBILITY] Tested up to Elementor Pro 3.3.6  [COMPATIBILITY] Tested up to WooCommerce v5.5.2

Toolkit for Elementor Plugin Features

  • Performance Scans
  • 20+ Speed Tweaks
  • Code Manager
  • Access Manager
  • Update Manager
  • Server Tweaks
  • User Access Links
  • Customize WP Admin
  • Go Themeless
  • Source Code Cleaner
  • Faster WooCommerce
  • Minify CSS & JS
  • Lazy Load Media
  • Widget Manager
  • Database Cleane
  • Easily Share Templates
  • Background Tasks
  • WP Core Tweaks

Download Toolkit for Elementor Plugin

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