Unknown information about Albert Einstein, the world famous scientist, who has not told you before

There is nothing new about Albert Einstein. People are now studying PhD degrees by studying them. Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879, in Zemarine. He was a theoretical physics. The greatest theory of his life is the theory of relativity, which is one of the two main examples of Modern Physics. His work is also called the Philosophy of Sense of the present era. He is popularly known for his E = mc2 fungalar to the general public. He was awarded the Physics Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921. Einstein has published more than 300 scientific papers and more than 150 non-scientific paper in his life. He was researching the loss of nuclear weapons until his death. He died on 18 April 1955.

Today, I have come up with 15 facts about Albert Einstein in Techtunes that I probably did not know before! So relax and sit down and enjoy the fun part of the tune!

1) He was an average student!

World renowned scientist Albert Einstein was like a few other ordinary students in his student life. Then there was nothing special about his specialty. Average means average! He was like all ordinary students in his school and college life, but in a subject was the best of all! And that is the mathematics! However, such rumors have been heard in other issues, but it can not be confirmed.

2) Musician!

Albert Einstein was a skilled physicist as well as a talented musician! Because her mother was a skilled and professional piano player, she also got the skills of music on her mother’s path. It is said that if the scientist did not accept life, he would choose a musician’s career! Especially as a piano player we would see Einstein today!

3) He married twice!

Einstein had a special rareness on women. Einstein married two times. He also loved about 6 women! He married a physics woman in 1903, his first marriage was this. Since 1912 he was romancing with his cousin. In 1919, he divorced his wife and sat on the marriage bed with her cousin. His second marriage. But his son or daughter is no longer alive on earth.

4) Nazi-father!

Einstein’s wife Preeti made her a fatherless child. He was also the father of an illegitimate child. Until 1980, this issue of Einstein was kept secret from the public. Before the first marriage of 1902, she had an illegitimate daughter. But till now no news of her illegal girl was found.

5) 1 million!

Einstein’s net worth was about $ 1 million. At the time of his death in 1955, he was the owner of this amount of net worth. Which is estimated to be worth approximately 9 million US dollars of the present era. Now you may think a million dollars less for a famous scientist. But at that time, with one million US dollars, Einstein could have lived his life like a king, and he did not face any problems financially for all his future experiments.

6) Nobel Prize!

Prior to winning the Nobel Prize, he pledged to pay his prize money to his wife! During his divorce with his first wife, Einstein promised to give the meaning of his Nobel Prize to his wife. But interestingly, after more than two years of this commitment, he won the Nobel Prize. And he gave the meaning of the Nobel Prize to his first wife.

7) Nobel on Physics

Einstein won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921. He first thought he would get the Nobel Prize for his theory on relatation. Rather, he gets the Nobel Prize on his photo-electric effect.

8) Wife’s cooperation!

He was found to have documentary evidence that he had collaborated with his wife while making his famous Theory of Relativity. If it really is, then the reason for giving his wife the Nobel Prize money is also clearer to us. I said before tune that his first wife was also a physics scientist.

9) Citizenship!

Albert Einstein twice changed his citizenship in his life. He was born in Germany and moved to Switzerland in 1916. And after coming to power in Hitler, he realized that he could not go back to Germany. So in 1940 he took American citizenship.

10) New York Connection!

He had a good relationship with New York’s big leaders and people in his life. When he first came to New York, the New York Mayor of that time came to greet him and greet him. Even after his death in New York a medical was opened in his name.

11) He was a big brainer!

Einstein was very talented but officially his brain size was too big! Although ridiculous to hear it is true! Einstein’s brain was almost 15% bigger than the general brain. So now we can say that the head does not mean that the bullock!

12) Brein’s visit!

If you want you can still meet Einstein’s breine. Current scientists and curiosity can get the vision of Einstein’s brain. You can find some parts of his brain in a museum in America. Because after his death, his brain was divided into several parts in tunmortem.

13) Huge library!

He was a dumb man! He kept his works in the library. Likewise, the number of his libraries became huge. A 2014 study revealed that he had more than 30 thousand documents!

14) Atomic bomb!

Einstein was against the atom bomb. Many consider Einstein as a manufacturer of nuclear bombs, but he was against the atomic weapon at Busby. Because he knew about the side effects of atomic bomb. So until he died, he was against the atomic bomb and stayed.

15) President of Israel!

Israel could be president if he wanted! After Israel’s first president died, the title of Israel’s president was proposed in Einstein in 1952. Because before the former president died, he proposed to Einstein as the next president. But Einstein returned the offer to himself as unworthy of this position. So this is some unknown information about Einstein! But before finishing the tune you want to give another interesting information! Einstein never slept in his life and he disliked to cut hair! Think of it once!

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