Use Face Unlock in Redmi Phone

Use Face Unlock in Redmi Phone

Hello friends At 
present, a resale of all smartphone companies 
has started. They 
are launching a new smartphone market to keep themselves in the market . Some phone flags in some phone 
midrange (7-15 thousand taka). Flagship phones are available in high quality 
hardware, features, security which 
can not be found on mid-range phones . 
Many of you know about Redmi note 4, Redmi 4A, Redmi 5, and three 
mid-range phones. And you also know that there are 
no security on the other phones like Face Unlock . Yes, the Redmi note 4 has fringe print protection 
but there is no Face unlock. 
Many of those who use any of Redmi’s phones hope that ‘If I had locked the phone with my face 
then it would have been good!’
I say you can unlock the mobile with Face ID. But 
I have Redmi Note 4, Redmi 4A, Redmi 5 on the face ID 
jeep file of the three phones . You can search Google’s name in your phone model 
and download Face ID zip file. 
But many people will say this because of the Face of Unlock as the protection so much? 
Why not talk about any other security? 
Because of this, nowadays the most advanced 2 mobile security is the 
Fringerprint and Face Unlock. And you know very well that you can not use 
any other free fingerprint on those phones which do not have freegerprint 
. But Face Unlock can be used because the 
phone does not have any Face unlock hardware, but Softwares
Can be unlocked through. How? In fact, 
when adding face ID to the current phones, you keep a picture of your face in the phone’s own memory and 
when you turn on the screen on your phone, the phone will 
look for the similarity to the face ID on your face and unlock whenever it matches. 
And really, I used to use Face Unlock features myself in Redmi 4 
and I noticed that unlocked 8 times in 10 times, but 
delaying 1.5 to 2.5 seconds is because of the 
similarity of the picture given on your face with your face ID And if you keep the phone’s brightness right then 
the phone’s lock will be opened in the darkness of the night . The biggest advantage 
of this phone will be to unlock your phone within 1.5 to 2.5 seconds without any touch.
How to use it. For that you have 
to download the face ID zip file in the name of your phone model . And of course, your phone must have the 
bootloader unlocked and have twrp installed. If you do not know 
how to unlock the bootloader and how to install twrp, then I 
‘ll do the tuition, I’ll tune in with the next time or you 
can search Google, Youtube. Anyway, download the downloaded file in your phone memory 
and hold the volume up and power switch together at 6 seconds to come back to fastboot recovery mode, 
then by clicking on the install, select the downloaded file, then 
wait for it to auto-install to the right. Then reboot the phone. Then you 
can use Face Unlock.

Download link 
redmi note 4: –

redmi 4a: –

redmi 5a: –

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