Want to give a custom ROM on Android? Then it’s for you.

give a custom ROM on Android

I hope everyone is very good. Today I will write about a widely discussed topic of Android phone ROM.

This tune is an early tune for those who want to install custom ROMs on Android phones.

Here’s a basic idea about Rom and Custom ROM, which you must know before installing Custom ROM.

There is a desire to write more about the installation of Custom ROM in the next tune.

So let’s get started. Before we know what ROM and Custom ROM is?

Generally speaking, we know ROM = Read Only Memory. That means your phone’s internal memory where your phone’s firmware / apps are stored.

Android ROM is the operating system. Everything in your mobile system is on this system so that’s ROM.

There are three types of ROMs on our phone: we use Android phones

1.stock rom

2. Custom ROM

3. Sinecogen mode

In fact, the sinojean mode is in the custom ROM. So there are two types of ROMs:

1. Stock ROM: The ROM is officially offered at the time of purchase of your phone.

2. Custom ROM: Custom ROM is made by customizing the official ROM.

[For example: Officially ROM on Galaxy s phones, you can get the maximum Gingerbread updates, but you can use jellybin to customize the ROM. That means you can taste jellyfin because of custom ROM.]

There are many more good features in custom ROMs that do not have stock ram.

Now let’s talk about this in a great deal

I hope the idea of ​​custom ROM is a little clearer. Almost all phone’s custom ROMs are available but the brand’s phone’s custom ROM is more available.

No longer could the symphony or Walton’s custom ROM be found earlier but found now. There are many opinions about custom ROMs so I have highlighted the advantages of custom ROMs below.

Custom ROM Convenience:

There are many types of custom ROMs available for your phone in the internet. Different custom ROM facilities are different. But the difference is not the same.

You can use it in a custom ROM that can not use the Android version of Stock ROM. I have said once before, you can not be able to update your phone officially up to Zingerbrand, but with custom ROM you can enjoy the Ichrim sandwich or Jelly Bean Ram which is the biggest benefit of custom ROM.

Custom ROM has some better features.

Some of the best features of different phones are custom built in custom ROMs. In one word Custom ROM is extreme.


Disadvantages of Custom ROM Many people say there is a lot of bugs in custom ROMs or bugs. It’s just not right again. Because you have a good developer’s good custom ROM update on your phone, there will be no problem. That is, the problem of the bug will not be. And if you do not give a good ROM, then you must read the bug.

Besides, I do not see any other difficulty in custom ROM.

Some of my own experiences

I’ve used a variety of custom ROMs on my phone.

Currently I am using the “Samsung Galaxy S4″ ROM in my “Walton Primo X2 mini” .

I got the benefit of the custom ROM, I could not find anything in the stock ROM. I like custom ROM very much. I’m still using custom ROM which really has given me the true fun of Android So in my opinion Custom ROM is the best and reliable.

Most of the time, custom ROMs perform better, but using less memory. Because developers exclude unnecessary rubbish in Stock ROM such as carrier preloaded apps, etc. Developers also make Cornell much more precise.

For example, an undervolted kernel cost less than the stock kernel.

Where to find the custom ROM:

From various websites you can get custom ROMs suited for your phone. But the best place is xda-developers .

Click here to go to the website  .

However, if you go to this address you will not get the custom ROM. Go to this address and select your phone model then you will get a available custom ROM for your phone.

And the easiest is that you search Google in your phone model. (For example, if your galaxy y requires anchor sandwich custom ROM, then you will be able to search for custom rom galaxy y 4.0.4 if you can easily get it)

One more thing, before you update the ROM, take a look at what features are available in this ROM, and once you see the user reviews about this ROM. Then update

What you need to pay custom ROM:

Your phone must be routed to update the custom ROM to your phone.

How to update and the website that you download the Ramata will be provided in that place.


1. You should charge the phone well before giving a custom ROM.

2. Make a backup of your phone’s ROM so that you can come back to the previous state and restore it.

3. If you are a new user of Android or do not have a good idea about it, then refrain from custom ROMs by yourself. It is possible to have your phone brick.

On my next tune I will show you how to backup and restore the ROM in the Android phone. Until then, be good.😉


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  Thank you.

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