FREE Download WP Cafe Plugin Nulled is a flexible and easy to use Food Menu and Restaurant Reservation WordPress plugin. WP Cafe Plugin Nulled is a package of solutions to manage Restaurant Reservation, WooCommerce Food Ordering, Restaurant Menu, Online Ordering and more.

WP Cafe Pro WordPress Plugin Changelog

V1.6.3  Added             : Brand new Design of Mini cart  Added             : Brand new UI/UX   Added             : Order bump option in mini-cart  Added             : Variation popup gallery image added  Added             : Coupon form added in mini-cart  Tweak             : Multiple schedule name is showing in reservation form   Tweak             : Reservation form date and time format updated    V1.6.2  Added             : Food ordering type added in order report table  Added             : Food Preparing,Delivery time showing in single page  Tweak             : SEO friendly title in variation popup  Fix               : New Order sound notification interval playing issue fix    V1.6.1  Tweak             : Reservation form UX update  Tweak             : Order notification feature updated  Fix               : Pickup/Delivery form UX update  Fix               : Tax issue solved in mini-cart    V1.5.9  Added             : Text option added in food menu addons  Added             : Repeat sound notification for missing order  Tweak             : UX updated for Food ordering   Tweak             : Settings option Improve  Tweak             : PHP script optimization  Fix               : Seat capacity minimum guest fix for food with reservation  Fix               : Multi-slot everyday schedule start from current time in reservation  Fix               : Multi-slot exception schedule     V1.5.8  Added             : Dynamic sound for new order notification  Tweak             : Order type and schedule added in order details   Tweak             : Menu of the day UX updated  Fix               : Menu of the day responsive issue fix    V1.5.7  Added             : Special menu popup  Added             : Food menu modal icon change option  Tweak             : Adding item in cart based on location for filter location shortcode and widget  Tweak             : Product addons UX updated  Tweak             : Pickup/Delivery schedule UX updated  Tweak             : Food with reservation discard option added in cart and checkout page   Tweak             : PHP script optimization  Tweak             : Compatible with WordPress 5.8.3  Fix               : Variation product clear button fix      V1.5.5  Added             : Zapier integration   Added             : Pabbly Connect integration   Tweak             : Product addons frontend validation added   Fix               : Pickup/ delivery holiday schedule for all date format  Fix               : Reservation holiday schedule for all date format  Fix               : Product Addons add-to-cart validation fix for required addons    V1.5.4  Added             : Product addons options for food menu  Tweak             : Tooltip text escaping added  Tweak             : CSS update  Tweak             : Pickup/ delivery schedule start from current time  Fix               : Decimal formation adjustment to addons price   Fix               : Translation and escaping issues  Fix               : Typo issue fix    V1.5.3  Added  	          : Global addons support added for Product Addons feature  Added  	          : Discount feature support added for Product Addons feature  Tweak             : Query optimization for speed optimization  Fix               : Date format issue fix for reservation    V1.5.2  Fix  	          : Typography issue fix  Fix  	          : Pickup schedule auto translation   Fix  	          : Extra Product addons mini-cart subtotal updating  Fix  	          : Delivery schedule settings option reset   Fix  	          : Mini cart subtotal updated for product addons      V1.5.1  Tweak             : Admin dashboard design update  Fix  	          : Settings selected tab issue fix    V1.5.0  Added             : Extra product options ( Product addons ) for food menu  Added             : Branch wise booking notification for reservation  Tweak             : PHP script optimization  Fix  	          : JS fix    V1.4.7  Added             : Reservation holiday schedule added  Tweak             : PHP script optimization  Fix               : Multiple slot reservation schedule guest option    V1.4.6  Added                :  New Order Notification from Admin area  Added                :  Tipping Option for Orders    V1.4.5  Tweak                : Multi-slot all days / different day schedule validation in admin setting  Tweak                : Multi-slot schedule UX update in admin settings    V1.4.4  Added                : Tool tip added in admin settings  Tweak             : Pickup/Delivery schedule validation update in admin settings  Tweak                : Clear text exchange to reset icon  Tweak                : Seat capacity settings update  Tweak                : Settings label and description update  Tweak                : Thankyou page pickup and delivery time picker update  Tweak                : Thankyou page print and download button visibility update  Tweak                : WooCommerce product single page custom template rendering mechanism update  Tweak                : Clear button to reset input content  Tweak                : Delete button to delete repeater block  Fix                : Multi-slot time picker bug fix  Fix                : Weekly schedule array offset issue fixed for blank data  Fix                : WPC Location List Pro widget image hover zoom not working fixed  Fix                : WPC Category List Pro widget image hover zoom not working fixed  Fix                : WooCommerce category menu ordering not working issue fixed  Fix                : Flat discount message not showing on cart and checkout page issue fixed  Fix               : Food menu tab slider auto-play option  Fix               : Food location widget variation popup   Fix               : Load more widget control  Fix               : Admin settings saving   Fix                : Typo fix  Fix                : CSS fix

WP Cafe WordPress Plugin Features

  • Food Menu Based on Location
  • Discount on menu items ( Percentage discount , Discount on overall purchase)
  • Live Search
  • Food Menus can be displayed in posts, pages, and widgets
  • Category list layout widget
  • Location list layout widget
  • Variation Product Quick View
  • Override WooCommerce Default layout
  • WooCommerce invoice print and PDF download
  • Location selection popup for homepage
  • Option to create one or two column Food Menus
  • For Hassle free transaction system in Food Menu Ordering WP Cafe integrated with WooCommerce.
  • Restaurant open and closing scheduling widget
  • Day-wise restaurant opening/ closing schedule ( Single-slot / Multi-slot )
  • Special day booking system
  • Pickup/ Delivery schedule management

Download WP Cafe Pro WordPress Plugin

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