Bitcoin Rallies Keep Getting Quickly Sold — What’s Up?

After a quick surge to start the year resulted in a near doubling of its price, bitcoin (BTC) has traded mostly in a tight range for the past few months, struggling to hold above $30,000 for a sustained period of time. Since April, and in particular since mid-June, bitcoin’s has reversed abruptly anytime it has … Read more

First Mover Asia: Bitcoin Is CPI Resistant

Good morning. Here’s what’s happening: Prices: Bitcoin and ether are opening flat in Asia trading, seemingly unaffected by Thursday’s Consumer Price Index numbers. Insights: Coinbase (COIN) recently likened cryptocurrencies to Beanie Babies, questioning their future in finance. Meanwhile, analysts project that real-world asset tokenization could become a $5 trillion industry, but warn that without specific … Read more

Matrixport’s Bitcoin Greed & Fear Index Indicates Upswing Ahead

Crypto-services provider Matrixport’s proprietary Bitcoin Greed & Fear Index, which has a solid track record of marking trend reversals, is signaling a bull revival in bitcoin (BTC) The Greed & Fear Index measures investor sentiment. Readings above 90% signal greed or excess optimism, and readings below 10% represent extreme fear or pessimism. Such indicators are … Read more