Curve Crisis Averted, NFT Loans Protocol Now Votes on Next Steps

The NFT-backed loans protocol that lost nearly $12 million in crypto during the recent Curve exploit (and then paid a $1 million bounty to get most back) now has to decide how to fill the hole. JPEG’d is a NFT-collateralized crypto lending app that issues customers a derivative of ETH, called pETH, that’s tied to … Read more

Aragon Mulled Sale of Crypto Project, Leaked Screenshot Shows

Decentralized governance-focused crypto project the Aragon Association considered selling itself in June. The deliberations came after months of pressure from activist investors who have eyed Aragon’s $180 million treasury. The Aragon Association, one of the biggest crypto projects building tools to support decentralized governance, is trying to get out of its own governance pickle. After … Read more