Bitcoin and U.S. Real Yield Reach Strongest Inverse Correlation Since April

Bitcoin (BTC) and the U.S. inflation-adjusted bond yield are again moving in opposite directions, exhibiting the strongest negative correlation in four months. The 30-day correlation coefficient between bitcoin and the 10-year U.S. inflation-indexed security turned negative this month, declining from +0.28 to -0.72, a level last seen in April, according to charting platform TradingView. A … Read more

‘Altcoin Season’ Is Coming, Technical Analysis Suggests

The market cap of altcoins is forming a bullish inverse head-and-shoulders pattern. A potential completion of the pattern would mark the beginning of alt season, according to one trader. A bullish inverse head-and-shoulders price pattern is building in the combined market capitalization of altcoins. The term “altcoin” is short for “alternative coin” and refers to … Read more