Polygon Emerges as Suitor for Celo’s New Layer-2 Blockchain, Competing With OP Stack

Celo, which is ditching its standalone blockchain in favor of a new “layer-2” network atop Ethereum, had originally signaled plans to rely on Optimism’s OP Stack, a similar customizable kit to Polygon’s but using Optimism’s “optimistic” technology.

The Protocol: Ethereum Struggles With Sprawl as Optimism Airdrops $27M

Last week marked the one-year anniversary of Ethereum’s historic “Merge” – the shift to a more energy-efficient proof-of-stake network. But in some ways the largest smart-contract blockchain has become a victim of its own success: Staking is so popular that the number of network validators is mushrooming toward 1 million, introducing new concerns related to […]

Coinbase, in Uncharted Territory as Public Company Running Blockchain, Pledges Neutrality

The U.S. crypto exchange’s ‘Base Neutrality Principles’ are a series of guidelines aimed at maintaining a decentralized and neutral blockchain, according to a blog post.

Crypto Lender Exactly Hit by $12M Bridge Exploit

Exactly Protocol, a decentralized credit market on the Optimism network, has been targeted by a bridge exploit worth as much as $12 million. The hacker used an exploiter contract on Ethereum that transferred deposits to Optimism before ultimately bridging stolen funds back to Ethereum, blockchain security firm De.Fi said in a tweet. It is estimated […]

Coinbase Layer 2 Base Overtakes Optimism in Daily Active Users as Friend.Tech Hype Soars

Base daily active users hits a record high of 136,000. Activity on Base is tied to Friend.Tech, a social network, rumored to be releasing a token airdrop. About $175 million has been bridged to Base since inception. Frenzied activity around Friend.Tech, a social network platform built on Coinbase’s (COIN) layer 2 blockchain Base, has driven […]