Coinbase’s Much-Hyped New Base Blockchain Draws Modest $10M of Inflows on Launch Day

Inflows to Coinbase’s (COIN) new Base blockchain were muted on the first day after its official launch, failing to meet the expectations of some crypto traders that massive amounts of capital would flow in. Just over $10 million was bridged, or transferred, to the new blockchain in the past 24 hours, according to data in … Read more

Coinbase Layer 2 Base Overtakes Optimism in Daily Active Users as Friend.Tech Hype Soars

Base daily active users hits a record high of 136,000. Activity on Base is tied to Friend.Tech, a social network, rumored to be releasing a token airdrop. About $175 million has been bridged to Base since inception. Frenzied activity around Friend.Tech, a social network platform built on Coinbase’s (COIN) layer 2 blockchain Base, has driven … Read more

Base Is Here, But Some of Its Projects Raise Red Flags

[ad_1] Web3 Base Is Here, But Some of Its Projects Raise Red Flags This week, Coinbase launched its new Base blockchain while DeGods NFTs are way up after the project announced its upcoming Season III series. Plus, Microsoft and Aptos are teaming up to launch new blockchain AI tools. By Rosie Perper Aug 12, 2023 … Read more