Arbitrum Developer Courts Coders Who Already Know WebAssembly-Compatible Languages

The new feature “Arbitrum Stylus” will make it easy to write smart contracts using computer languages compatible with the WebAssembly or WASM standard – seen as far more common than the Ethereum Virtual Machine or EVM standard that many blockchain developers currently use.

Saying Goodbye to The Airdrop

Hi, everyone. I have the unfortunate duty of informing you that this is the last edition of The Airdrop. We are enormously grateful to Rosie Perper for leading this project and to various other members of the CoinDesk team who helped pull it together each week. Sadly, after a round of layoffs and cost-cutting at … Read more

DeGods Sales Leap as Artwork Evolution Is Unveiled

DeGods “Season III” will add artwork to give each holder four artistic assets associated with their one DeGods token. In 24 hours, trading volume increased nearly 200% to 1,359 ETH, or about $2.5 million. It’s uncertain if overall non-fungible token (NFT) trading volume will come back after falling 50% since January, but for popular profile-picture … Read more

Immutable, Web3 Gaming Platform, Launches zkEVM Testnet in Bid to Diversify Infrastructure

Immutable, a web3 gaming platform, announced today that it is commencing public testing of a new layer-2 blockchain, Immutable zkEVM, in a bid to reduce dependence on a single network infrastructure. The zkEVM is a zero-knowledge (ZK) rollup, a scaling feature aimed at reducing gas fees and increasing transactions, that is compatible with the Ethereum … Read more

Neal Stephenson’s Metaverse Vision Is One Step Closer as Lamina1 Blockchain Launches Betanet

Metaverse focused blockchain Lamina1 has launched its betanet and Hub for developers and creators. Lamina1 CEO Rebecca Barkin told CoinDesk that they are “not far” from mainnet launch and aiming to put out a product that can be used more broadly and publicly by early next year. Lamina1, the metaverse-focused layer-1 blockchain co-founded by science-fiction … Read more