De.Fi’s Antivirus Tool Releases on zkSync Era Mainnet

Crypto asset management product De.Fi released its antivirus tool on the zkSync Era blockchain, a company representative told CoinDesk. The antivirus tool protects users against common malicious crypto exploits, such as phishing, smart contract vulnerabilities, blind signing, and more. Crypto traders lost over $300 million due to hacks and exploits in the past month alone, […]

Sei Mainnet is Live After Testnet Sees More Than 7.5M Wallets Created

Sei Labs, the company behind layer 1 blockchain Sei, has announced that its mainnet is now live after a successful testnet phase. The blockchain’s native token SEI also went live today on exchanges such as Binance, Kraken and Huobi, among others. The focus for Sei is to create a chain that offers users the ability […]