De.Fi’s Antivirus Tool Releases on zkSync Era Mainnet

Crypto asset management product De.Fi released its antivirus tool on the zkSync Era blockchain, a company representative told CoinDesk.

The antivirus tool protects users against common malicious crypto exploits, such as phishing, smart contract vulnerabilities, blind signing, and more. Crypto traders lost over $300 million due to hacks and exploits in the past month alone, with security issues remaining one of the biggest inherent risks in the crypto industry.

Users can access the security tools by simply connecting their wallets or scanning smart contract addresses onto the De.Fi platform.

De.Fi representatives say zkSync Era users can revoke potential risks in real time from any zkSync-built token, NFT, or trading vault. The service claims to continuously scan and monitor over 30,000 smart contracts deployed on the zkSync Era blockchain for new threats and vulnerabilities in real time.

“Permissionless protocols enable freedom by allowing anyone to participate in the Ethereum ecosystem,” said Marco Cora, senior vice president of business and operations at zkSync builder Matter Labs. “They also come with a critical responsibility for its users and builders to practice due diligence which is paramount for avoiding scams on permissionless networks like Ethereum and zkSync Era.”

Edited by Parikshit Mishra.

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